First up… Major Update!


Yup… the blogging has yet come to a stand still!

But if you have all been following my curly boys blog then you will all be aware of my travels over the last month.

It’s been pretty a pretty eventful month to say the least! As I’ve been all over the joint… in so many words!

I would of kept you all updated as my trip unfortunately came to an end… but you know what… to go against what all bloggers should do, I chose to enjoy each moment of my trip and forget about blogs, forget about having to remember to update, forget about sitting on some device telling you all on my trip… nope I was going to enjoy it all for myself.

Then tell you all about it later!

So here I am… with lot of stories to tell, lots of memories to re-live, and plenty of tears (mostly on my part with me not being able to enjoy those moments right now!)


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