Goodbyes are an odd subject.

To the everyday person and their situation, a goodbye is easily done. Whether it’s a goodbye to someone who you’ll see the next day at work, or a customer you may be serving, or even ending a call to someone in your family… it never really occurs to you that in other situations… Goodbye’s can be the hardest thing you might have to do.

My situation, as you’ve probably already guessed, is having to say those goodbyes at the end of your travels.

During your travels, you see so many people come and go out of your life. You would think it would get easier, right?

Some of these people you may have only met for a few days. But now they’re your friend on Facebook, they know where you’ve travelled so far, and what your plans are for the rest of your trip, you makes plans to catch up again.

But there’s often never the garentee it might happen. So even though you say ‘This is’nt Goodbye, this is See You Later’ it’s doesn’t always ring true.

But it’s part of travellers banter. It works that way.

You know you’ll meet another group of people just around the corner where all the same words will spill.

But, when it comes to saying Goodbye to someone you’ve travelled with for over 10 months. Someone who’s been in your life 24/7 for more than half of your travels… it gets even harder.

This person knows every little detail about you. Every tiny moment in your life, and all the massive changes thats happened to you… they know about it all. You have shared everything with this person cause you feel so safe with them. There’s nothing you can’t tell this person.

It’s perfect.

But then, reality kicks in.

Travels have to end.

This other person lives at the oppisite end of the country.

You aren’t going to wake up with this person by your side. They’re going to be in their own house, with different friends and a whole different life.

They’re not your life anymore… and it’s all down to distance.

The UK is tiny when compared with the mass of Australia, but when you’re further away from this one person than you’ve ever been since last year… oh f**k it’s tough.

No matter how much you Skype, how often you text, phone, Facebook… anything… contacting is never quite the same as being able to touch that persons hand, walk by their side, laugh at their shitty jokes, plan where to go next.

It’s not like any other relationship, you’re with this person every single day. A 10 month relationship while travelling is more like a 2 year relationship if you were to be at home dating someone. It’s intense. But for me… it worked and felt right.

But like all people you meet when you’re travelling… unfortunately you have to say that inevitable word.

The word that means you can’t turn round and chat to that person so easily.

The word that means you won’t grab another glass of Goon together.

The word that makes being home so much more difficult.

The Goodbye that you pray doesn’t last forever…


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