Back On Scottish Soil…


Well the inevitable had to happen – my travels had to come to an end.

Not what I had in mind when I first left Aberdeen, I somehow had dreams of making my trip last much longer than a year. But unfortunately the lack of money reared its ugly face and pointed me in the direction of home…

So here I am… A mere 4 days back in the United Kingdom and still trying to find my feet on this land!

I have no idea where to begin with myself.

What do you do first?

Well as soon as I got home, after a quick trip to the shops to grab a few bits and bobs I needed, I was introduced to my new room.

I was given the choice to have my bedroom back, but the whole idea of being back in my old room which I said goodbye too and had so many memories of planning my trip in, made me shudder. I wanted a fresh start. I wanted a room that was brand new, fresh, and with barely any memories that would make this transition of home so much harder.

So I got the ‘spare’ room downstairs. It was newly decorated when I was away – perfect!

The mission of unpacking my bag was done in the first few hours, I wanted that done asap! I handed my mum a years worth of clothing to wash straight away, half my clothes had been packed away in my bag for alomst over a month! Yum yum!

I then had to go through the dreaded feeling of any traveller – realising you have left stuff behind/lost stuff! To start with, I had two items missing. Not just little non-important ones either. Oh no, I was missing my opal necklace that I had had for well over 6 months, which I got in exchange for DIY work in Byron! And of course – my iPod.

The necklace soon turned up – at the bottom of my mums washing basket… phew! It must of been thrown in with all my other clothes!

The iPod however… is still at large 😦 The iPod that has my playlist of my entire campervan roadtrip with my curly boy 😦 The iPod that I hardly ever used in the last 6 months cause I did’nt have ear phones!!

So where could it have gone?! I’m certain I packed it in my handbag, tucked away in a zip pocket so it was certain not to fall out. But obviously it’s made it’s way out! Naughty iPod!! 😦

The following day, after a decent nights sleep in my new double bed all to myself (although it did feel rather empty :(..) I then missioned it to Tesco’s with my mum for a touch of food shopping.

It turned out to be a little tougher than I had imagined. Looking around the store – seeing everything was the same as it was when I was last here. The sudden horror that it felt like I had only left last week. And realising I was no longer with the people I really wanted to be with scared the living daylights out of me.

And so, I had a mini meltdown.

I shed tears as my mum tried her best to console me. The poor woman probably didnt have the foggiest what to do with me!! Thankfully I managed to hold back as much as possible, and soon cheered myself up by admiring all the cheap prices for the food we bought!

And so…

I’m now 4 days into being back home. It feels odd at times. I look around realising I’m back to where I started. I can’t quite figure out where to re-start everything all over again.

I want to get started on planning another adventure – but how can I do that with no money, and no idea on when it can begin?!

Thankfully the job situation sorted itself out fairly quickly, and I’m now going back to my old job. The job that I hated so much when I was living at home last time! M&S. It’ll be tough being back there, but like everyone who has that travel bug – I’ll be thinking purely about the money!

I know I want to be back out in the big bad world again sometime. And I’m gonna try my damn hardest to do it by the end of next year! Who knows?!

I know who I want to do it with… but whether that will be the case, I really don’t know.

All I know is… watch this space 🙂

Over the next week or so I’ll no doubt blog you all up on my final few weeks in Australia. Covering hundreds of kilometres along the East Coast, snorkelling beautiful clear waters on the Whitsundays, watching the stars above us in the clear skies above Fraser Island, and final partying up in Cairns 🙂



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