Was It All A Dream?


Well, today was a day of first’s for me.

My first official day back to work.

Back to the old place I worked to save my dollars for hitting Australia. The place I counted the days where I’d have no work left to do. The place I … if I’m being honest … Disliked very much!!


After arrivng home from a year away in the beautiful land Down Under, my main mission was to find work.

I had contacted friends from Markies who told me I may well get Xmas work, but was’nt promised much. Which of course filled me with much worry!!

The first few days of being at home felt as though time had flown by me without blinking an eye. It did’nt feel as though a year ago I was jetting off on the adventure I had been dreaming of for so so long. It did’nt feel like I had seen so much of this amazing country I had so many thoughts about. It did’nt feel like I had lived in the gorgeous Byron Bay for 6 months – living my dream.

Really. Where did the time go?

My first visit into Tesco’s after a few days back in Scotland hit me like a tonne of bricks. Just walking into the supermarket, I was more than overwhelmed, and ended up shedding a few tears! It hit me…

I’m back home already?

Watching the soaps on Tv only made it feel that I had been away for so long, cause I did’nt recognise a single person! Why was that person dating them?! When did he die?! What’s happened to her hair?!

It was only when I started my first official  day at Marks & Spencer, did it all seemed like I had dreamt that whole year of pure happiness and freedom.

After a breif day of signing forms and watching your typical health and safety dvds, I was given my first real shift back at Markies. After 14 short months, I was back to where it all began…

A 10am – 6pm shift gave me dread. I did’nt know what to expect. I did’nt know how I would manage it. I did’nt know if it would all come back to me.

But boy it did! It all came screaming back to me!

Before I knew it, after being shown just once how to perform a refund, I was back on it so easily, I could do it with my eyes shut! Even my first card payment was completed without having anyone else’s help. All the buttons on the tills were where I remember they were.

Here was me thinking my memory could never serve me well. God, I can’t even remember what I had for dinner a few nights ago, let alone all this… but it’s obviously proved me wrong!!

The 8 hours flew by with so much ease. Infact, a little too much ease, as it worries me if the rest of my time there will now be a upwards struggle!

But at the end of the day – it’s money. And thats what this girl needs! Whether it’s for another adventure across the world (here’s hoping!) or perhaps something else I haven’t yet discovered. A job’s a job when your a traveller!

But really… where has all the time gone? I’m the one questioning if I actually visited the place.

Did I really take all those photos of me sunning it up in Australia?

Did I really fly half way across the world a whole year ago and see so much that I had dreamt of seeing?

Did I really do it all??

One thing I’ve certainly learnt from this : One year just is’nt long enough!


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