Saving Memories…

No matter how long an event might be, you always want to cherish those little memories you never want to forget.
For myself, I wanted to savour every single moment of my trip across Australia. But with it being a year… I would have ALOT of memories to collect!
Which is why my creative side has come to light…
I kept a journal throughout my entire trip in Australia… and in fact I’m still working my through it till this day! According to my journal, I am currently on Magnetic Island sunning myself after some scuba diving in early October! If only we could turn back time?

I created my journal for myself. For me to look over all the destinations I hit up by myself or with friends, all the random things I got up to and what feelings were going through me as I lived the dream.

But, I wanted to created something that others could look at, and almost feel the emotions and freedom I explored while in this beautiful country. Something my friends could explore as though re-living the excitement of saving up for the journey, to the first flight, to the hostel living, to the many miles on Greyhound, to the campervan living, to the thousands of memories in Byron, to the goodbyes…

Which is why I had to create my Scrap Book!

It’s the perfect idea for something you can keep forever. Not just your average photo album that needs explaining with each picture. You can have anything in your scrap book!

For myself, I’ve stored almost everything I could get my hands on in Australia. Business cards of the random shops I visited up the East Coast, wrist bands from the gigs I went to, even the flag I got on Australia Day!

Collecting all your bits and bobs for your eventual scarp book is just part of the fun! For me, it went on for a whole year. Picking up things here and there and imagining how my book would turn out. It really gets your creative juices going, which I love, love, LOVE to do!

So if you’re anything like me, I’d advise anyone to create a scrap book. It doesn’t just have to be for a trip. It can be for all means, family stuff, your close friends, the pet cat! Not even just on people, on places you’ve visited, where you live, your college years. Anything!

I love it!

I’ve been home for just over a couple of weeks, and although I’ve been working extra hours at M&S to save as many pennies as possible, I still try to squeeze in time to get this book on the go.

The memories are all still there, fresh in my mind. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish, like I said about collecting all your memories, it’s more fun re-living them as you work your way through every moment.

Currently, I’m only on page 5… The page of goodbyes before I left Scotland! So a bit like my journal, I’m very behind and it’s not likely to be completed anytime soon!

I’ll keep you all updated with photos and chat about my book as I go along… I’ll get there… hopefully before my next adventure begins!!


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