One Of THOSE Days..!


You know where I’m coming from… those days where everything seems to fall against you. No matter how positive you try to be, everything appears to go wrong for you.

Well… today was my turn in having one of those days. And it all began as soon as I woke up!

I peeled myself out of bed at 9.30am, and headed straight for the kitchen to make my typical brekkie – porridge! A yummy filling breakfast, perfect for these days where it’s getting much colder by the hour it seems!

I’m usually awesome at knowing exactly how much milk to pour in with the oats, without measuring, and then throw it in the microwave for a mere 3 minutes for that toasty goodness!

However, this morning I somehow managed to create that undesired ‘soupy’ consistency that porridge just shouldn’t be! Usually my porrdige holds a lovely thick creamy look that runs smoothly off the spoon as I mix in some sugar. Instead it looked more like a puddle of white goo with floaters… not a pretty sight!

And it just so happened to be on the day that it was my last remaining packet in the box! God damn!

During the whole porridge fiasco, I happened to notice my necklace, which I knew I shouldn’t of worn cause it was close to breaking… was infact broken! There we go… dilemma number two of the day!!

So here I was, trying to enjoy my lumpy milk in a bowl, when the phone calls. It’s for me. It’s my work.

My section manager was calling regarding a massive hamper order I had done last night. I had left a lengthy note in the diary, as per usuall, explaining the order, and how I was told to leave it with another staff member, as she had apparently dealt with the customer with the exact same situation this time last year.

All I figured I’d need to do was scan through the items, all 8 of them – 75 times EACH… Yes I paint you the picture now, of me scanning all the products she chose 75 times through the till!! In order for the customer have have 75 hampers made up. Job done? Not quite.

Somehow I managed to have some random product from the cold section appear up on this reciept. And of course, it was put through 75 times. How I managed to charge the customer for 75 Spinach & Pine Nut salads instead of 75 tins of shortbread I will NEVER know!!

I then discovered that there was a massive problem of getting all of these items to the store. Apparently it caused much head scratching for the girl I left it with, because she needed to phone around to see if we could get all the products in.

This was when, of course, the wonderful feeling comes across you when you realise you could of done it another way that would of been so much more simple! Ah, don’t we all just love hindsight?!

So of course – dilemma number 3 and 4 out of the way! By this point it was only midday, and I had only just started my shift!!

I then spent the following 2 hours on the tills, with that thought of thinking – Why did’nt I just do that? It would of been so much easier for everyone! But no, I have to do it the complicated way, and create a big stinker for us all!

I was then back on the customer service desk for the 2nd batch of two hours in my shift. And yet still I managed to mess up things here and there. Any other day, those little insignificant things that I (excuse my language) fuck up on wouldn’t of mattered. But today, I had officially decided to call “One of Those Days”, just happened to have all those little moments that would drive me insane!

Processing a Xmas order to the wrong store, writting down the wrong amount to be paid to a credit card, mispelling a customers name, scanning a product twice accidently, typing in the wrong postcode. Just EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong! And it just seemed so much more frustrating cause today was just THAT day!!

Thankfully I managed to get through the shift with very few more problems, and I somehow got to 6pm without spontaneously screaming, falling into a heap on the floor, or worse still – crying! Thank god for that!

These sort of days are so few and far between, but I think thats what makes them seem so much worse! But my god am I thankful that they don’t come that often, cause when they do arrive… they certainly don’t come in peace!!

So thats my rant over for the day… only 3 more shifts to get through till my next day off.

Things can only get better right?!


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