Today, I sat in silence at 11am thinking of the men and women who have fought and died for our country.

It was the annual poignant moment where the nation comes to a stand still to remember the soldiers who have strived to defend our country, who have fallen at war, or lived to pass on the history to future generations.

Even though I believe the current war in Afghanistan should’nt be happening, I still respect each and every man and woman who are doing their duty and standing by their beliefs that this war will come to an end.

Violence isn’t the answer to everything, but I have so much respect for our soldiers who are fighting for us, and no matter what happens – they still do us proud.

We should be proud of them all.

And whether others believe the war should not happening, the greatest respect should be held for all the fallen soldiers of the previous wars our country has fought for.

These men and women will never be forgot. It’s history that will never fade.

‘Lest We Forget’



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