Grin Of The Week.. :)


I’ll start my Grin Of The Week with a moment of reminiscing…

On the ever knowledgable Facebook, the amount of friends I’ve added since travelling through Australia has mounted up. Theres a few people I often never find myself chatting to, but the odd bunch will always have a place in my memory…

It’s so handy seeing whats happening in your mates lives just by a quick scroll down the screen… which is where my memory was jogged and a smile came across my face 🙂

A fellow Scot I met while on my trip through the Outback whilst in Oz is turning a year older soon, and seeing her status that declared the birthday was this friday made me realise that exactly this time last year I was arriving in Alice Springs.

It really hit me realising how much it felt like I was there just the other day… but instead a solid year has passed… I’ve met more friends, seen more places and had the time of my life.

I cannot believe exactly 365 days ago, I was in a ricketey bus (albiet a tough cookie as it got all 20 of us through 825+ miles of rough terraine and plenty red dust in one week!) travelling from Adelaide all the way to Alice Springs visiting all the landmarks you just have to visit.

And it’s even more surpising that just a few words on Facebook can bring that memory back to life 🙂

It brings all kinds of feelings through you when you realise just how short one year is. In terms of travelling, it certainly isn’t long enough to do as much as you want!

You gotta love memories. It may not mean much to the ones you have around you if they weren’t there, especially those hilarious moments where you just have to be there, but it certainly brought a smile to my day.



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