Grumps/Grins Of The Week…


Not quite what you may have in mind…

I’ll breifly explain!

Every week (if my memory stays with me!) I’ll have a little ‘rant’ of the week.. aka “Grump Of The Week” it may be a small collection of rants that have built up through my week, or perhaps one major bug that been niggling away at me and is in great need of getting scratched at!

Hopefully I won’t cause any offence, but I’ll try to keep it at a low and not blow my top too much – which is easily done in this head of mine!

Also – just to keep things a happy medium, and not to make it look like I moan about every little thing, like most of the general British public love to do – I’ll have my “Grin Of The Week” which will be whats made me smile the most, or made me stop, think and realise this place ain’t so bad afterall 🙂

Stay tuned…!


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