Let The Xmas Shopping Commence!!


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but by the time those doors close on Christmas Eve around tea time… or if your’e lucky – 10pm – we all have to do that inevitable trek to purchase the presents for our loved ones!

Let the stress commence!!

I had already begun my Xmas shopping a couple of weeks ago… but by the end of the 5 hour trek around town, I ended up with more bags full of goodies for myself than for the people on my list!!

Not what I had planned!!

I can’t say my list is even that big. I’ve got my mum, dad and brother. All of which I’ve bought presents for in the past… so why does it feel this time round it’s even more tricky?

Did a year away travelling really erase my brain of any creativity when it comes to Xmas?! Whats happened to me?!

I’ve then got my close friends to buy for. I’ve got the perfect idea for my girls, and it’s all written down on paper… but the point of actually making such presents is proving quite the challenge cause I never seem to find myself getting the time to venture into town to buy what I need!

Buying for the curly boy is also just as tricky! He simply says to buy him surf related products and declaring how easily pleased he will be no matter what I buy… well I wish it were that easy!! I’ve got a few things purchases, but I seem to have come to a complete stand still!

It doesn’t help that getting into town is quite the challenge, what with working as many extra hours at work as possible – to pay for these pressies! And of course the snow doesn’t quite help matters either even when I’ve got a day off!!

So I’ve decided – due to the fact that it helps me look around for treats for me also – that I’m joining band wagon of online shoppers!

I’m in the queue along with all the other panic buyers who haven’t the foggiest what to buy for all these people that grace their lists! (Don’t you just love the “recommended” list that pops up when you click on a product?!)

Being able to explore the entire store without moving off your favourite spot on the sofa is one of the best parts of online shopping, along with the fact that you don’t even need to go instore to collect it. It arrives right at my front door!

A quick click of the mouse here and there and I’ve got more items for the collection of gifts I need to tick off this list. What more can you want?!

I must say though, online shopping does have it’s flaws of course..

The main one being that there’s not always the guarantee the products will arrive on time. What do you do when you find the bath bubbles you booked two weeks ago is still stuck miles away in some van on the snow covered roads?! A very pissed off granny I’d imagine!

There’s also the whole aspect that you’re loosing out on that whole feel of Xmas.

If I’m prepared with my list of names, and the odd idea slapped alongside to give me a wee guide, I love the feeling of hitting the town and entering all the shops full of Xmassy goodness and festive cheer. It totally gets me in the mood for Xmas and makes it feel more exciting!

Ok, I’ll admit, if I don’t go in prepared with my list I would turn into a screaming panic and end up coming home with not a single shopping bag in sight… nothing worse than a whole waste of a day in my eyes!!

Sitting at home on a laptop doesn’t achieve that same feel, does it? Unless you’ve joined the many who have already got the Xmas decorations up (not yet for me!) then I guess you do get that same feel. But it’s never the same.

Plus there’s nothing more entertaining than seeing the stressed look on men’s faces as they panic buy the 3 for 2 gifts at Boots!! Haha!


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