Grin Of The Week… Once More!


It must be a good week for me then!

Usually I’m partial a lot of grumpiness – my parents and boyfriend would agree to that!!

But so far with my new feature of Grins and Grumps of the week (albeit it’s only been running for a few days!) I appear to be having much more smiles across my face than a sour one!

Cause today at work I had one of those feel good moments when you’ve pleased  a customer!

Ok, call me lame, but it’s not the only highlight of my day!!

I was into my final hour of my shift at M&S when a not so pleased customer appeared at the desk that I was manning all day declaring the words “I am not happy” with a rather sad look on her face.

Oh dear 😦 .

However, after being talked through what the problem was, I immediately said to my customer that I would get this sorted asap for her.

So a brief walk through the store and we discovered that what the problem was. A slight mishap here and there and the customer was not only slightly mischarged, but very confused!

But I agreed with her on all aspects that it was a silly mistake and told her I wanted to get this sorted so she could get back to the comfort of her cosy home!

So, a brisk walk back to the customer service desk and I quickly put through her items at the correct price and gave the refund she needed.

By this point my customer was smiling and happy – infact we even had a chuckle together!

My customer thanked me by my name (which still freaks me out till I remember I’m wearing a name badge!) and left the store with a big grin across her cheeks!

Nothing better than solving a problem and putting a smile on someone else’s face!

Job done. 🙂


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