Through My Eyes…


Every so often – whether it’ll be once a week or perhaps every other day – (I’m not really going to set a time schedule for it!) I’m going to update an image to share with you guys.

It may be a photo that sums up my week, or seizing a moment that makes me smile.

Or I might even upload a photo that captures a memory that has come to me out of the blue. And I just really want to talk about it!

You’ll see my photo on the panel to the right of my blog every time you drop by.

And I thought Id’ begin the photo selection with a photo I took of the sun setting from my front door. Don’t know if you all know this already, but I love love LOVE sunsets! No matter where I am in the world, if the sun is setting, I just want to stop what I’m doing and watch as the sky varies in colours and warmth. It’s that one moment in the day where I can feel myself de-stress and forget the things in life that are driving me up the wall!

It’s such a beautiful sight.


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