The Xmas Shopping Mission!


Everyone either loves it or hates it. But at the end – we all have to endure it!

Yup… it’s the dreaded Xmas shopping!!

My initial plan was to complete this task as much as possible online… however I’m still trying to grasp the whole mass of shopping to be had and purchasing so many items online does cause the inevitable want to purchase items for myself!

Which of course is NOT on the list!!

It goes a little like this.. One for her.. one for him.. one for me.. one for her.. one for me.. etc, etc. My bank account does not like this!!

It so so easy to fall into the trap. And it is also just as easy to do this when you hit the city centre and power through the shops as a treat after the gifts you’ve bought so far.

However, I found I was less likely to end up treating myself when I was in the town, cause at the end of the day it adds another extra half hour onto your already bulging car park ticket!!

So on Thursday the mission was set.. hit town as early as possible and get everything on the list!

Myself and mum arrived in town around 10am to find ourselves joining the queue.. and this was only the queue to get into the car park!! Finding the parking spot proved much simpler thankfully… we just avoiding following the sheep and turned off down a hidden extra spot and found a collection of free spaces crying our names!

The mission was now onto it’s second stage… M&S.

Mum wanted to rape my discount card as much as possible.. and too right aswell! A brisk walk up to the top floor for menswear, and before we knew it, both grandads, granny, my brothers and dad were all almost complete! Thank god for Markies!!

This however did in turn create the issue of carrying a large bag packed for of jumpers and woolens around town all day. We didnt have this mission planned out quite as well as we had hoped!!

It was then onto the next shopping centre as we powered on through to get everything we knew we had to get. A breif stop over in Debenhams to grab the ever popular (if in doubt) gift card never-fails purchase!

This is when I did feel the need to stop over in Primark to grab myself some bits and bobs… why?! I have no idea! This was only a mere hour or so into the shop so I had no reason to treat myself.. silly girl!!

We then hit the amazing centre that is Union Square. How I managed to Xmas shop without this shopping centre I will never know! This place has everything, and seems to of appeared out of the ground as if by magic! Its a godsend!

This is where my debit card became close to melting in the card machines!

Fat Face, Boots, Apple, Hobby Craft (as ever taking a lifetime to look around this shop!), Next, another M&S!!

It went on forever!

Thankfully we did give ourselves a break and stopped over in Nandos for some much needed fuel. Thankfully they do have veggie options for the likes of me!

At the point of break time, I analysed my list and ticked off plenty. To my delight the list was shrinking so quickly! Oh how I love to shop!!

As I said before, I did end up spending ages in Hobby Craft.. my new favourite shop! I bought more than enough stuff to make friends some gifts and my mum has some lovely wee treats coming her way.. if I can make them look lovely of course!

So then it was the walk back to the car park… by this point the legs are aching. The feet are getting sore and not so nicely – very smelly! And your arms have lost any feeling from the weight of the bags! That M&S bag certainly caused lose of heat in my finger tips!!

Another stopover in Markies was had again unfortunately, because mum still needed wrapping paper, and the 3for2 lured us in to purchase some very cute decorations for the tree 🙂

When we finally reached the car park… after 3 flights of stairs – mums face by now had reached the shade of beetroot, and I was praying by now that my two pairs of socks and wellie boots were now flip flops!!

I think the shock of how many hours we must of spent shopping hit us more than the actual cost… over 6 hours?!?!

We then darted it out of the multi story and headed homeward bound.

Unfortunately we had to make yet another stopover… at Tesco! God help me!!!

We didnt even have the energy to cook after all this, god knows why we didnt even stick with a takeaway, but two pizzas were thrown in the trolley alongside some beer, wine and chocs that we more than deserved!

Thankfully dad was home before us girls got in, and we had a fire going already. So a semi cosy house to come home to was certainly needed!

A quick change into relaxing clothes and I chilled with my cup of tea – ahhh 🙂

Oh and I still have things to buy!!!


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