Grin In Pain?!!


Well today’s Grin wasn’t so much of a grinning moment when it actually happened..

Here’s how it all panned out…

It was back to work yesterday after a mere 2 days off for the festive period.. which as usual passed by way too fast 😦

It was as expected not as busy as it could be… probably due to everyone gathering in their masses in the city centre… unlike ourselves out in the country!

So to fill a somewhat boring day standing around doing nothing, myself and my colleague filled up the very empty looking rows of sweets by the tills.

Usually a very simple job.

Stick the sweets on the hangers and your done.

But nope. I somehow manage to turn this simple task into a very painful one…

Nope, I didn’t pick up the box of sweets wrong and do my back in..

I didn’t push the stand of sweets over and injure myself, or someone else – touch wood!!

No… I decided to near knock myself out clean.

Accidentally dropping a packet of sweets on the floor… and in the process of bending over to pick up the bag… my forehead smacks straight into the metal hanger for said sweets.

Smack bang right in the bloody centre!

I swear my eyes almost popped out in the pain!

I quick rub of the head and I acted like nothing ever happened…

However I am now displaying a very fashionable lump on the very centre of my head… Ouch!

Lesson learned – watch where I put my damn head!!!



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