Time Flies… A Little Too Fast!!


Wooo hold it!!

Two seconds ago I was looking forward to Xmas coming… the awesome food, the pressies, being with the family…

And now it’s already 2011 and normality has slapped me in the face before I can even see it coming!!

But considering how fast the past couple of weeks have flown, sometimes you don’t have enough time in the world!!

Read on and you’ll discover how quick this particular day hit me!

This NYE had alot to live up to for me. It had last years NYE in Sydney to contend with!!

Thankfully New Years plans were already lifted by the fact a certain Mr Stevens would be joining me for the festive clebebrations. So I was looking forward to it more than I thought 🙂

Xmas came and went before I could even finish off my mince pie and cosy into my brand new toasty clothes 🙂

It was then a mere few days at work before the Devonshire Boy would be landing the day before NYE. I couldn’t be more excited!

I woke up sharp at 9.30am with more than enough time to relax before getting any last minute things together before meeting the boy at the airport – which was a short 20 minute drive away.

After my usual bowl of porridge I lazed around chilling with mum watching the typical lame tv that smothered our screens over the festive period!

I planned to get myself ready and pack my bag ready to leave at 11am. With the flight landing at 11.50am, I would have plenty of time to arrive and wait for the landing!

However… time decided to move a little too fast this particular morning… cause before I knew it, it was bang on 11o’clock!!


I darted to my room, threw clothes, presents, drink, and many other essentials into the bag (how I managed not to forget anything I’ll never know!)

I then threw the bag into the back seat and promptly headed straight for Aberdeen Airport.

Getting there was fine, I knew exactly where to go… or perhaps not.

Somehow, in the panic and rush of trying to get to the airport before the boy arrived I ended up taking the wrong turning! I was heading further away from the correct turning into the airport – adding more minutes to my already late schedule!

After a brisk (and very dangerous!) U-turn, I was heading back for the main route that would take me round to the junction where I was initially looking out for!

I knew where I was now…  on the right track! But was it going to end there? Of course not!

Now, I’ll add something you’ll need to know at this point. My lovely new car (2nd hand!) has a slight problem… I can’t open the driver side window… so when it comes to receiving a ticket when I enter a car park – I need to open the door!!

So, as I stopped myself outside the ticket machine, I opened my door to get the ticket so the barrier would lift.

My door wouldn’t open 😦


So, after fighting with the car door, and giving up, I had to climb over the gear stick and passenger seat, get myself out the car from the other side, run round the back of the car, then open the drivers door from outside. It couldn’t get any worse!

I then ran back round and climbed back through the car to the drivers seat and promptly received my ticket, throwing myself in 1st gear… only for the car to stall… and FINALLY got through the barrier!

I was THEN faced with the dilemma of where to park. Time was flying and I just wanted to get parked and run inside incase the boy was early!

For some reason, the airport has installed this stupid “Priority Parking”. What the hell does that mean when it’s at home?! Am I a priorty?! Do I park here? Do I put my ticket in?! AHHHHH!!

So I gave up, reversed, and drove round in hope to find normal-person-parking!

I’m parked!


Thankfully, it was a brisk walk to the terminal.. and with it being such a tiny airport, I was where I needed to be.

I quick look at the Arrivals board and I found the boy’s flight…

“Exeter/LeedsBradford – 11.50… Estimating 13.10”


Not only do I run late, and end up in a panicy stressed mess, it turns out the flight was running over an hour late in the first place!!

Talk about adding insult to injury!!

So I sit… I wait… I buy a magazine… I read…

Thankfully by this point I was calm, a far cry from the fuzz I was in beforehand!

I sit more… I read more… “Estimating 13.25”.

God Dammit!!!!

You’ll be glad to know after all that mess in a mere few hours, he arrived safe and well at 13.20.

I couldn’t stop smiling…

Phew 🙂


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