Lots Of Good News :)


Well, this is just a little update on whats happening in the world of Kez…


I can now officially confirm that I got a permanent position at Marks & Spencer. Back to my old job I worked my little (well.. not that little!) butt off to save for my trip around Australia 🙂 It’s good to be back with all the old faces I knew from before.. it’s still as tough a job as I remember too!

Second, I am now a proud owner of the much loved iPhone. I hear mixed opinions on it, but I’ve got to say I LOVE it! It does all I want it to! It makes me realise how much the boy loves his Apple products (as noted in my blog “Apple Stole My Boyfriend!“), however it certainly doesn’t give him that much of an excuse for it!!

I’ve also got lots of plans in the pipeline, including my money making scheme of creating as many painting masterpieces(!!) as possible and selling them off.. whether it makes me lots of money, or even just breaks even, it’ll get my art flare going and maybe open a world of new possibilities?!

2011 has already got off to an awesome start – and as I’m trying to keep my New Years Resolution on the go; not to worry too much! – I’m trying my best to stay positive to what the year may bring… and not stress over the little things!

Let see if this resolution sticks, shall we?!


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