Just Feeling… ‘Uggghhh’!!


Slight lack of blogging recently… mainly due to the fact I’ve been feeling… well there’s no better way to put rather than – uggghhh!

It’s close to that feeling you have when your mid hangover… feeling tired and run down, not knowing where your head is at, and wondering whether bed or another drink is the best option!

It’s nearing that point where I’d love to just fall asleep and wake up a new person!

In other words, I just need a bloody good hug to make it all go away!

My blogging will pick up… I have confidence in that… ish!

I’m sure I’ll have more exciting stories to tell… talking of which I have a few ideas up my sleeve which brings back the whole reason why my blogging began in the first place!


Just need my brain to vomit out all the rights words and share my stories with you lovely people!

I’ve got loads to tell… but it’s just all sitting in my journal waiting to be told!

I’ll keep you updated and let you know when my stories will begin!

In the meantime, feel free to look around… I just uploaded some new art in the past few days. Did I mention my art is for sale?!

I’ll be back soon, with much more banter. Just you wait 🙂



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