Bird Song


I’ve been on the hunt for some new ideas of how to keep my readers (and myself writing the words!) entertained, I came across an idea of a weekly blog in the form of my daily twitter tweets… 🙂

With just 140 characters  to squeeze the goings on in my little life… it’s surprising how much you can say and what stories can form in a mere week…

Sunday 16th January

“Woke up at 11.30 this morning… Didn’t realise I needed such a long #sleep!”


Saturday 15th January

“Loving The Devil Wears #Prada … Brings me back to my fashion studies days at college! #fashion










“I need some new inspiration for what to banter about!…”

“Till my dream of life #DownUnder can happen, work must go on…”

“I miss the days of waking up to hear those noisy parrots in #Byron !! One day soon… :)”

Friday 14th January

“Love watching shows on tv about moving #DownUnder I want I want!! Can’t wait to return one day :)”

“Never a good thing when the head starts aching half way through the shift! Maybe I won’t hit the wine tonight!”

Retweet – @Mick_Fanning “Donated 6 huge bags of clothes and shoes for the queensland floods. Hope it finds the right people”


Thursday 13th January

“Not been feeling myself lately 😦 maybe it’s those January Blues!!”

“@TBGmusic oh I wish I was back in Byron so badly! Saw you guys last time you were there.. Mat – you signed my painting – remember?! x”












Wednesday 12th January

“Chilling at #Starbucks with @mariekins for some much needed chat :)”


Tuesday 11th January

“My thoughts go out to the people affected by the floods hitting East Coast Australia and parts of SE Asia. It looks horrendous. Stay safe x”

“Loved my night in watching Sex And The City 2! :)”


Monday 10th January

“I’ve got that Monday Feeling unfortunately 😦 always such a drag!”

“Another painting completed.. Let the canvas money making mission commence 🙂 will upload a photo on the blog tomorrow 🙂 x”









[You can find me here – @kezisms]

🙂 x


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