My One Cherish…


There’s lots of things in a girls life that’s important to her.

For some girls, it’s the latest make up or fashion trend, or perhaps the importance of staying slim is just as necessary to a girl as fake tan is to another.

It can be anything. But for me. There’s only one thing that’s important… my girlfriends.


Ok, I know it may sound really cheesy, but I dont know what I’d do without my girls in my life.

When I was away travelling, and really struggling with money and personal stuff, I would of killed to just sit with them for a hours and chat. I feel I can tell them anything and nothing will surprise them, and no matter what the situation, they will help me see the light and get through it!

I met my girlfriends at college… almost 6 years ago (I think?!). We stayed together through our days of college, seeing each other almost everyday… But the true challenge of us was to be when our final year of college was over 3 years later.

We told each other we would keep in touch… I’ll admit, it was tough.

We were all working full time jobs and with us living so far apart, catching up proved quite tricky!

Then it was time for myself to start my travelling… which created an even bigger divide with my girls!

I’ll admit, my keeping in touch wasn’t at it’s best! I’m not going to pass the blame of my lack of communication onto anything. I was lame!

It was only when I needed my girls the most that I realised truly how shit I was with keeping in touch. I needed a shoulder to cry on… and even though I had friends in Byron… they weren’t my girls.

If my travels have taught me anything, I think the main factor is the importance of the people who are close to you.

You can’t let them slip away.

The friendship I have with these little ladies is not worth letting go. You can’t just allow a 6 year friendship, full of trust, laughter, honesty, and love just disappear.

I’d like to see myself try to build that with someone else!!

Since being home, me and the girls have promised each other to meet up every week. And so far… so good!

And that’s the way it should be.

If travelling ever comes into my life once again, I’ll be sure to squeeze tightly onto the girls…

Friendship is so important to me… but not just any friendship… it’s the one I will never let go of with my lovely ladies 🙂



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