Bird Song


Here I tell you the story of my week that’s just past us by… something I shall update every Monday… all in the form of my tweets…

It’s been a busy week full of Missions involving an ironing pile… a cookbook and a very naughty cat!!

Sunday 16th January

“Just watched Gordon Ramsey: #Shark Bait. Such beautiful animals should be left at peace where they belong.”

Monday 17th January

“New Blog/Feature Online : “Bird Song” Got a whole new feature starting next month too… ;)”

Tuesday 18th January

“Just when your stuck at work thats when so many ideas pop in the head!”

“Day off tomorrow… Hell Yeah!! Shame about the mountain of ironing mum’s left me!!”

Wednesday 19th January

“My first day off this week… Allow the mother of all ironing piles begin!! Thank god @itvthismorning starts soon!”

“I’m getting there slowly!!”

“Done!! Now for a cup of tea 🙂 … God I’m turning into my mum for sure!!”

Mention – @LoveYourIroning“@kezisms Looks like you’ve had a productive day! Keep it up! Any tips on how you’ve got through your giant ironing pile?”

“@LoveYourIroning got through it by watching @itvthismorning !! 2+ hours later… I’m done! My mum will be proud when she gets home!!”

“I go to the loo for 2seconds… To return to the #cat having a drink… Out of the #milk jug!! Naughty kitty!!”

“Beautiful #sunset to end the day 🙂 reminds me of the many evenings in #Byron . Mother Nature at her best :)”

Thursday 20th January

“A little dedication to three important girls in my life… New Blog : My One Cherish #friends

“Excited for the #weekend to come… Gonna test my cooking skills again with some of #JamieOliver‘s meals! Nom nom!! God I’m so sad haha!”

“Ughhh fed up tonight. Sometimes I wish this world was that little bit smaller so I could be closer to people :'(“

Friday 21st January

“Ok, #summertime can you please just come out already?!”

“Not got that Friday feeling yet… Such a slow day at work! Bring 8.30pm when the wine can begin!”

“So glad to be home… With a weekend off to look forward to. Lush! Lots of me time and chilling shall be had :)”

“Glass of cider, Sex And The City and munchies lying in bed… Perfect! #SATC

Saturday 22nd January

“Is looking forward to a #JamieOliver inspired dinner for myself tonight :)”

“This brings back memories of #Australia !! #beer

“And now for the #JamieOliver inspired meal!! First up… Prep! Can’t forget the Rose either!!”

“Next… #chocolate ganache!!”

“Next up… My alternative to the spaghetti dish in his book… #cooking

“Looking forward to this part most!! #chocolate #cooking

“Not really 30 minutes later… But I now have my dinner! Homemade garlic ciabatta nd pasta dish!! Mmmmmm #cooking

“Is stuffed! Still got leftovers. My veggie take on the pasta wasn’t that great, but the ciabatta was awesome!”

“After starting the wine at 6… I cooled off for a while and I’m now on the cider! Weee!!”

Sunday 23rd January

“Continuing the #cooking today… Today I’m gonna #bake custard creams!! Yum yum! #baking

“Thank god for #googles converter… Otherwise I’d be in #Tescoforever figuring out ounces and grams!!”

“I may not cook well but boy I can #bake gooood custard creams!! Just to cool now and sandwich together :)”

A very busy week indeed for me! @kezisms 🙂


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