Bird Song


A week filled of grabbing, beads and wishing just for a few days I could be in Sydney… but why?!

My week in tweets 🙂

Monday 31st January

“Feeling sick tonight.. Not cool :'(“

Tuesday 1st February (finally January is over!)

Retweet – @HappyMangoBeads” “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine”

“Tomorrow I’m starting my brand new #Feature ‘Oz Wednesday’ my take on Aussie cities… Starting with #Sydney #Australia

“Off to work I go… I would much rather be #bead making and creating pretty #jewellery for my collection 😦 ah well.. money is needed!!”

“Just ate a whole jam filled yum yum in about 30 seconds… Yes I am having that shit a day at work!! #work #food

“To grab or not to grab? That is the question! #channel4 #bigfatgypsyweddings

“Off to #HobbyCraft tomorrow for my #bead mission! Can’t wait to start making lots of goodies 🙂 x”

Wednesday 2nd February

@commongroundbb“It’s really hot in Byron Bay today!”

“@commongroundbb jealous! It’s cold, windy and wet in Scotland! Wish I were back in Byron everyday 🙂 x”

“Forget Orange Wednesday.. I have Oz Wednesday.. Tips on things see and do in Oz cities.. #travel #Australia #gapyear

“I love #HobbyCraft!!! #beads #jewellery

“I hate sore throats 😦 better not stick around for Miss Christies birthday!! That would suck big time :(“

“Thanks to @HobbyCraft for following me.. Just spent over 40quid in your shop! So easily done!! X”

@BckPackerBanter“Off to #Australia and heading to#FraserIsland …then check out our review of 4×4 tag alongs 🙂 #gapyear #travel

“@BckPackerBanter don’t think it’s good advise to advice people to head to Fraser right now!!” (in reference to Cyclone Yasi that hit Queensland state, Australia last week)

Retweet – @Schofe“Well done Fox News. Managed to put Egypt on the wrong continent!“(Absolutely hilarious!!)










“Hello my lovely ladies! Miss you guys 😦 this throat better be good for Monday! Boo 😦 xxx @Mariekins @yoyo8585 @menzdog(one of my mates birthday is on the 8th… so excited to celebrate!)

@BckPackerBanter“@kezisms nah Fraser is fine…anything below Airlie is pretty safe”

“@BckPackerBanter if you say so.. Certainly wouldn’t go to the area in a rush! Poor Aussies 😦 I wish I were back there…”

Thursday 3rd February

“Thank you #AutoGlass for fixing my windscreen chip!! :D”

“Heading for #Sydney? Want to check the city for a height?! Check out my blog – Oz Wednesday.. Epic! #gapyear #travel

Friday 4th February

“This bed is way too cosy for me to leave! 😦 can’t wait for my weekend off! Sore throat.. Please go away :(“

“Oh yeah.. Need to get ready for work..! Do I really have to?! 8.30pm finish sucks!!”

“Didn’t realise till now that I was born in the year of the Rabbit 🙂 which means 2011 is my year too!”

“Just discovered what #FF actually means today!! Here was me thinking I knew y way tour #twitter!! oops!”

“In two days I’ve dropped my iPhone on two very hard surfaces… Is my phone trying to tell me something?! #iPhone #apple

Retweet – @HappyMangoBeads ” “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.”  – Mohammed”

“Last week it was wine time… Now it’s #beer time! 😀 and watching the first game of the RBS Six Nations! #rbssixnations #rugby

“Jam packed full of Chinese takeaway… Oh boy!”

“Well done to Sophie and Rick for their win on #millionpounddrop … So happy for them and their babies!!” (After watching the nail biting show on Friday night!)

Saturday 5th February

“Wish my life back #DownUnder would return… I miss the long hot nights and fun times 🙂 x”

Retweet – @7NewsSydney“Take Care – #Sydney is set for an unrelentingly hot night, the hottest in a week officially the hottest ever on record. Cool change tmrw.”

Retweet – @Black_Tomato“Happy World Nutella Day everyone. Perfect excuse to eat more of it…”

“Woo time for #millionpounddrop !! #channel4

Hopefully next week will be full of more exciting treats! 🙂 x



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