A Fruity Opinion :)


Everyone has an opinion… it’s one of the amazing things in life that can create conversation, conflict, and what makes each and every one of us different to the next.

Today I’m not talking about my opinion on matters of  how amazing the roads are now after the winter snap (pot hole heaven!!), or even what I think of the latest fashion trend… don’t think you’ll find me in a jumpsuit anytime soon… just yet!

Nope… today I’m hitting on the subject of food… More importantly my vegetarian diet…

You may be thinking I’m going to natter on about how much I don’t think you should eat meat, and my reason why…

Or perhaps hear me feed facts into your mind to try and push you to stop eating animals…

If you want to eat meat, be my guest. That’s your choice.

However, the one thing I certainly won’t do… especially as a meat eater is munching down on a steak or what-not… is question why they choose to eat that.

I won’t look on as they take a bite out of their food, and make them feel awkward as they answer the many questions thrown at them for wanting to eat a dead animal.

If they want to eat meat… I honestly do not mind… after all it’s an opinion. We are all entitled to opinions, right?

So why does it feel, as a vegetarian (previous pescetarian – eating shell fish/fish) that when I am surrounded by meat eaters, I am looked upon as a freak of nature?!

I have found myself in the same situation on almost every occasion when I am in public, as others discover I’m a veggie… they glare as I eat into my Quorn food, or work my way through my salad minus any sight of meat. Then the questions follow: Why did you chose not to eat meat? Do you miss it? Is it not bland?

If I really “missed” meat that much, do you really think I’d stick to this diet?!

How can food be bland when if you think of it… would you really eat a plain cooked chicken breast (minus all the seasoning/sauces) and think it was full of flavour?

Like a meat eater, I obviously need to add seasoning to what I eat. Just because I’d prefer to have the vegetable curry as opposed to the prawn curry doesn’t mean there will be any lack in flavour!

I choose to eat what I eat, because I am allowed to choose what I eat. Just like every one of us.

But why the 20 questions while I’m trying to enjoy my lunch or dinner?!

I’ve tried the approach of asking a meat eater why they choose to eat meat… the simple answer is “Because it tastes good”… followed by a snigger as if it’s common sense.

Well that may be true in their eyes, but not in mine.

So why can’t you – meat eaters – as I’m imagining most of my readers are – just accept that we have opinions on all matters in life!

And next time you see me biting into a vegetable stir fry, don’t feel the need to ask me a question just as I place the food in my mouth. I’m eating it because I’m enjoying it as it is…


Rant Over. 🙂


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