Oz Wednesday – Sydney


Each week I’m holding my new feature – Oz Wednesday (some might notice it’s a take on the title of a particular fruit named phone company and their 241 deal at the cinemas!).

Every month will change to a different city in Australia (some of which I haven’t visited, but I’ll work my way round that!), and for 3 weeks of each month I’ll choose my favourite parts of the city, and try my best to sell it to any backpacker/tourist that happens to pass through!

For the whole month of February I’m covering the city of Sydney… an infamous city that’s even more popular than the real capital of Australia!

So far I’ve covered how to view the city from a great height… Climbing the steps of the Towers of Sydney Harbour Bridge for a much cheaper version of the ever popular Bridge Climb. And last week I shared my visit to Manly, for a much needed escape from the city over the Harbour.

This week why not hang out in the animal kingdom slap bang in the middle of the city?!

Down at Darling Harbour there is a huge array of entertainment – a ‘must do’ area to visit… from shopping malls, to street entertainers, the infamous IMAX theatre (with the worlds largest cinema screen!)… it also holds the Australian Maritime Museum, as well as the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World – which is where I’ll be taking you today ūüôā

The Aquarium and Wildlife World are side by side right on the waters edge of Darling Harbour, easy to find and well worth the trip.

I would warn first though, when I visited, the queues were horrendous! Baring in mind, I was visiting bang in the height of summer… the queue was heart¬†wrenchingly¬†long!! So a tip to avoid this at all costs would be to pre book your ticket….

When I visited there was a deal offering both attractions for a fraction of the full price.

I searched around to check if this deal I managed to grab was still on offer… to no ovail ūüė¶ … however don’t stress! I’ve managed to find a similar offer which (unfortunately for me!) seems a much better deal. Offering you the chance to visit four of the main attractions in Sydney, including the Aquarium and Wildlife World – with the Sydney Tower and Oceanworld Manly – all for less than 50 bucks! The link for this site is all below ūüôā

Anyways, once you’ve purchased your pre booked ticket, you will get to jump the queue… and in envy of all the other visitors waiting their turn, you can roll on in ready to take in plenty of animal knowledge!

I’ve visited a fair number of animal worlds/parks/zoos/kingdoms… and I must say I absolutely loved these two attractions… especially in comparison to Toronga Zoo.

I visited the infamous Toronga Zoo under the impression it would be amazing, full of wildlife and buzzing with plenty to see – but I felt the complete opposite. I¬†personally¬†thought the animals looked too enclosed and if I’m honest – not too happy looking! When you visit these types of attractions you want to feel as though the animals are happy where they are, and still living a free life… to a certain extent.

I got that good vibe from the Wildlife World and Aquarium – a must for me!

There is a huge array of animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes –¬†exactly¬†what you want from a “world” of wildlife!

On your entry to wildlife world, you are introduced to the bug life. Not exactly my cup of tea, especially when it comes to creatures with 8 legs! However, I managed to hide behind others and scurry on through to the other creepy crawlies. Jesus there’s plenty out there!! Before you know it you’ve spent almost an hour glaring at the hundreds, if not millions of bugs in the tanks!!

As you flow through the neatly planned out paths – where you find masses of information on all the creatures out there… handy for kids and adults alike – you soon come across the world of snakes, lizards, birds, mice, possums.

I swear, it goes on and on, and most certainly lives up to its name!

“Swimming” onto the Aquarium (that was a pretty lame pun..!). Just like Wildlife World, it’s all planned out so you flow through all the creatures with ease… with no chance of getting lost amongst it all!

Here you can explore the underwater world with the beautiful coloured reefs and trillions of fish, seahorses, shellfish, even alligators right by your side! You really are part of the sea world as soon as you step in.

You’re even more so thrown into the underwater kingdom when you visit the¬†tunnelled¬†section of the Aquarium… an area where for a moment in your life you can feel as though you’re amongst the creatures of the deep blue sea. Looking above and around you, you are surrounded by sharks with the scariest of teeth, and¬†manta rays¬†spreading over 6ft in width… quite an eerie feeling as you’d imagine!

I’ve only covered small sections of both these attractions – just giving you a taste – because, like most of these destinations… it’s all about exploring. Discovering new worlds of things you probably never knew¬†existed! That’s the joy of these places, so I’ll leave you to find out more when you visit…

Seriously if you have doubts of whether to go … if it’s not for the sake of seeing the animals… do it for the sake of re-living your childhood… reminsing the times of exploring and learning and basically bringing a smile to your face from the world we appreciate too often!

Click here for the Sydney Aquarium, and here for the Wildlife World… if you want some more info.

And if you’d like more information on the “Explore 4 Combo Pass” giving you 4 attractions for a fraction of the cost… Clock on the link ūüôā



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