Bird Song


For a change this week I’ve decided to pick out some random tweets from the past week…

A tweet here which captures moments of madness, happiness and tweet there expressing a whole heap of happenings.

All in 140 characters 🙂

Monday 21st February

“Yet another stunning day in Aberdeen 🙂 … I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I WANT SUN!!!! #weather #pissedoff

“Major Monday blues today 😦 only 6 more shifts after today till I’m on holiday! Bring. It. On. #work #pissedoff

… You can tell I had a very typical Monday. Fun as ever!


Tuesday 22nd February

“All my thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ. I’ve retweeted Mr Fry’s links.. @stephenfry #NZ#eqnz

“The sun is out!!!!!!! Now I’m smiling :)”

Wednesday 23th February

“Why does it feel like friday??! If only!! #Friday #weekend

“Looking forward to a day off tomorrow.. Hmmm what to do?! #work#dayoff

“Mmmm love homemade chocolate cake to keep me going at work! Not long left and I’ll have a big smile on my face!”

“Mmmmm wine 🙂 worth the wait #wine #dayoff

It’s all about the days off work for me!!


Thursday 24th February

“Disgusted by people who lie so freely and don’t give a s**t about it… Just to get what they want or to big themselves up. Yuck. #angry

“Awesome deals going on down at Asda!! Are my maths correct?!?! Haha #shopping

Possibley the most odd deal I’ve seen in a shop! Check out the photo on the link above!

“Just prepared the quorn lasagne for tonights dinner! Yum yum!#veggie #quorn #vegetarian #food

“Chief Execuative of Royal Bank of #Scotland gets a £2million bonus.. How do you justify that?!? Pig. Disgusting pig. #RBS#money #bank

“Shame #TNI clashes with Marchlands.. A frustratingly addictive mystery drama that has me hooked! Last episode next week thank god!”

Friday 25th February

“Is stressed out and just wants the travellers life back 😦 #travel#stressed #life

#Homemade leftover #Quorn lasagne for today’s lunch at work. Awesome! Anything to cheer me up :)”

“Loving the #marksandspencer is FINALLY bringing out a #veggiealternative to mince and chicken! Super Soya range.. Can’t wait!!#food

“Yeah. Ultimate shit day. Someone, anyone, cheer me up? Or I might actually do or say something I’ll regret. :(“

“Watching #Brideplasty.. Awful show about brides competing for plastic surgery before their big day.. What. The. F**k???#plasticsurgery

Saturday 26th February
“Another awesome day at work.. *enter sarcasm here*”
“Day off work tomorrow… Oh yes! Lots of things to do, but I’m certainly in no rush to do it! Ah the life 🙂 #weekend #happy
Sunday 27th February
“Just completed another painting.. On the Big #Cat theme this time… I’ll update an image of it tomorrow for you guys 🙂 #art #painting
“As odd as it may be, where I lived for 6 beautiful months brought the artist back out of me… #ByronBay #Australia
I’ve noticed there’s a theme going on with my choice of tweets this week… work!
I need to make a pact NOT to talk of work unless I am at work! I tried this before, but it soon failed when I need to rant after work!
However now, I shall only tweet of work while I am in the building! Otherwise, at home… it’ll be all about the joyous life outside the job 🙂


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