Oz Wednesday – Melbourne


Each week I’m holding my new feature – Oz Wednesday (some might notice it’s a take on the title of a particular fruit named phone company and their 241 deal at the cinemas!).

Every month will change to a different city in Australia (some of which I haven’t visited, but I’ll work my way round that!), and for 3 weeks of each month I’ll choose my favourite parts of the city, and try my best to sell it to any backpacker/tourist that happens to pass through!

My second chosen city to banter about is Melbourne…

Lonely Planet : Sophisticated and slick, edgy and rough, Melbourne’s physical and cultural landscape is shaped by a dynamic population, ever-ravenous for a bite of global culture.”

My first destination to visit in Melbourne is The Queen Victoria Market…

It’s screams everything and more from what you would expect from your traditional market. It’s a hub of culture, trade and all things colourful, tasteful and magical.

I adore this place.

It attracts hundreds of locals and tourists from all over the city. Locals attend to collect their weekly shop of fresh fruit and veg. And it also includes it’s very own deli displaying an array of meats, cheeses and all things tasty!

It also includes a large selection of Asian delicacies as well as organic produce all locally grown.

Which means, not only are you doing your bit to help out farmers nearby, but you’re also getting it cheap, cheap, cheap… which for a backpacker is music to the ears!

I love this place purely down to a few factors… the cost… the culture and the fact that it’s shopping!

The first time I visited way back in 2009, there were local bands playing outside the main entrance… putting smiles on everyone’s faces as they entered the sheltered market.

I  could’ve easily of spent way too much time here. In need of a real towel (rather than my travel towel which didn’t feel quite the same!), I picked up a bargain at 10bucks for a proper Aussie towel!

On the many occasion I visited the market (Which is easily accessible with the trams that are ever dominant throughout the city and surrounding suburbs), I just happened to catch it at possibley the best part of the day… just as the market is closing, you’ll find the tradesmen and women will be selling their produce at even cheaper prices. Tubs of strawberries at 50cents, bags of veg for less than a dollar. You’re laughing!!

Can you tell I love my fruit and veg?!

If you’re anything like me… love a good deal, love fresh produce, love proper old style trades and stalls… then you will love this place as much as I did.


Queen Victoria Market

513 Elizabeth Street

Melbourne, VIC, 3000


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