Perfect Imperfection…


You see it more and more these days… smothering every other women’s magazine, talked about on almost every other chat show, mentioned by every other woman as she bites into a piece of chocolate…

Diets of all shapes and sizes… fads from jelly diets to cabbage soup diets. You wonder what will come next, and even when you do mention another crazy fad… it’ll no doubt be in the next weeks magazine rack!

Women (as well as men alike) are under mountains of pressure day in, day out, to fit into the perfect idea that everyone else appears to have on how we should look.

And you know what… it pisses me right off!!

There is influence coming from all angles of the globes that it’s physically impossible to make your own mind up on how you want to look.

First off… the fashion world.

You have the infamous catwalks draped with the latest colours, patterns and styles for the seasons yet to come. As amazing as some of the creations can be, they are flaunted on women who look one bite closer to falling into a pile of bones. No matter how many times the fact arises… designers just do not want “real” women to show their designs…

Women who have curves… who have bounce to their step… who aren’t afraid of eating a whole bar of chocolate if it passes her by without feeling entirely guilty, or worse still, the urge to throw it back up.

It should be ALL about the fashion when it comes to catwalks… not about how rake thin these girls and boys are. Yet, season after season… the matter is forever picked up in newspapers and magazines alike because afterall these models just aren’t “real” people!

Keeping on the subject of magazines… they are just as guilty as the rest of them.

I picked up the latest “hottest celebrity news” magazine recently and was greeted in the first dozen pages of celebrities who were either too fat or too thin.

Now, the thing is. The magazine was clearly trying to back up their “facts”, by saying certain celebs were working out and clearly keeping fit and trim. But most of the time, they were pounding into these celebs for being TOO fit and TOO trim.

It’s a viscous circle for the celebrity world..: One week, she is too trim… working out too much, under too much strain, not eating enough. The next week… the same poor girl is caught eating a burger… or god forbid, drinking a glass of beer… and in turn she is branded as being over weight, stressed out and turning to booze!

These magazines will scrutinize literally every single inch of these celebrities… Is it to try and make us “normal” people feel better about ourselves? If we see a celeb sitting in a fast food restaurant… is this supposed to make us jump up and down in excitement and relief knowing they are just like us?! When a celeb manages to get into her size 6 dress a mere 3 week after giving birth to twins, are we meant to curl up into a ball of guilt and join the band wagon?

No!! Stop making us feel guilty!!

And it’s not just the magazine articles that push us into the race for perfection…

The magazine advertisements are just as bad. Airbrushing womens skin, pimples, stomachs… even the whites of their eyes in order to create the perfect image. No one on this earth has perfect skin… so why create something airbrushed within an inch of it’s life to invent something that is clearly unachievable.

It makes men and women strive for perfection to the extreme… spending endless amounts of money on products that claim this, that and the other only for them to have the same affect as soup and water… if that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure there’s a make up range out their that claims it gives you the airbrush affect… why would you even want that?!

Why do magazines and adverts try to convince us to look like the model (highly airbrushed) almost down to the last detail? We are called individuals for a reason… to be different. To have imperfections here and there.. to have shape to our figures… to look tired when we ARE tired… to look rough when we ARE rough.

There is almost an invisible force upon each and every one of us to be “perfect”.

But really… when you look at it… what truly is “perfect”.

Is it someone who is pictured as the smooth skinned, numb looking person without a single imperfection to go by? Or someone who is entirely original?

Originality goes a long way. If we are all allowed an opinion in life, whether it be politics, religion, ethics… let us have an opinion on how we should look. Don’t make us feel so terrible just because we have that extra inch on our waists because we enjoy our wine.

After all… we all have a life to live. And whether we believe we have life after death… we should still make the most of the time we have.

And if that means enjoying the odd chocolate bar or too… then please, pass me that Galaxy Ripple. Now.

[Image courtesy of The Telegraph 2008 article on the banning of airbrushing in images of celebrities ]


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