Oz Wednesday – Melbourne


Each week I’m holding my new feature – Oz Wednesday (some might notice it’s a take on the title of a particular fruit named phone company and their 241 deal at the cinemas!).

Every month will change to a different city in Australia (some of which I haven’t visited, but I’ll work my way round that!), and for 3 weeks of each month I’ll choose my favourite parts of the city, and try my best to sell it to any backpacker/tourist that happens to pass through!

Eureka SkyDeck is my second option for a must see destination in the beautiful Melbourne.

Standing out from the crowd by miles, this stunning piece of architecture is unmissable… in more ways than one!

It stretches at 91 storeys high, and is currently the building with the most floors available for residential occupancy.

When I visited back in November ’09, it was standing as the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere. However, since then it’s been overtaken by a building in Dubai!

Despite sitting in 2nd place, it certainly doesn’t come less than 1st when it comes to beautiful architectural design.

As odd as it may sound, the tower has 24 carot gold plated glass windows on the top 10 floors. These floors include apartments that cover the entire floor at a cost of A$7million each, as well as the Eureka Skydeck 88.

The Skydeck covers the entire 88th floor of the building with 360degree views of the entire city.

After shooting up the lift so fast that it made my eyes water, I reached floor 88 to view the amazing horizon of Melbourne. Quite handily, viewfinders are installed all around the Skydeck so you can pinpoint where certain highlights of the city are. It’s amazing how much you can see through them.

I have to admit I got a major case of vertigo while standing so close to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The views were stunning… but my stomach sure did flip a few times!

I didn’t go for the “Edge” experience, which basically includes a glass box which moves out from the building to give a whole new view to the height. But I think it would of been a little too much for me!

I did however visit the “Terrace” which is a small outdoor area situated at the edge of the 88th floor. Thankfully you’re still on solid ‘ground’ out there, with the area fully fenced off to prevent any accidents! To be that far up in the sky and feel the breeze just makes the experience totally worth it.

Definitely a must see and do in Melbourne!


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