The Curry That Took Me Round Oz


I’ve always found the best way to bring family and friends together is through their stomachs…

And you can never fail with a proper home cooked meal. After all, if our stomachs are happy inside, we’re all happy on the outside!

Now, when it comes to travelling and food… it’s a whole other matter. Or at least thats what I discovered!

More often than not I found myself munching down on yet another packet of instant noodles while I travelled Australia. I don’t think a single state that I visited failed to have me venturing to the nearest Coles or Woolworths without purchasing a pack of ‘homebrand’ 49cent pack of noodles!

And as much as every other backpacker had similar ideas to myself, it wasn’t really the kind of meal that would bring everyone together. Most of the time it created conversation as several of us would be standing around the hob stirring our noodles in a far-from-non-stick-pan…

The conversation would usually involve a chuckle at how typical our meals were, and the odd joke at how amazing our culinary dishes were turning out to be. Asides from the dish, we’d also share the sigh as we look on to someone rustling up an epic 3 course meal (thankfully this didn’t happen too often!).

I did however find the perfect way to be the envy of every hostel kitchen that I visited…

Something that would create aroma’s that’d have people near swarming the pan, wide eyed with flaring nostrils… looking on in delight.

Yes, every so often I… yup… me, myself and my trusty wooden spoon and several ingredients would be that one person that backpackers would turn the green eyed monster to, until that lush smell would leave the kitchen…

I had the epic, never failing Mum’s Curry.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking I’m bigging this up way too much. Maybe I am. I don’t care. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of curry, anything is far better than a packet of dried noodles… even if it does come with a tin of peas!

Almost every person I met while I was travelling the land Down Under tasted my mum’s curry.

I first made it in Melbourne, then in Adelaide, again in Melbourne, Alice Springs, Sydney… many times over, on the dirt tracks up the East Coast, at the back of our campervan, at the side of our campervan, in Byron Bay… I’ve lost count how many times in Byron. I could go on, but you get the jist surely!

The best part of this curry… apart from it’s yummy-ness, the feeling of a full stomach, that home-made-mums-kitchen feel (apart from having to do the dishes by yourself!), is wholly down to the fact that it brought everyone together.

As soon as the home made curry was mentioned, a few dollars were put together to buy masses of ingredients – enough to feed the 5thousand, there were smiles already on everyones face.

It almost turned into a real family occasion.

It truly felt like a home from home, just having a load of us sitting together… whether it was at the kitchen table, or sitting amongst the grass ants in a camp site!

If you’re mum makes a statement meal that never fails in the household… chances are it’ll never fail with backpackers who want something more that a tin of beans. I can guarantee you’ll be the talk of the kitchen and bring a whole new meaning to backpacker cuisine!


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