I’m Alive!!


You may – or possibley not going by my site stats – have realised that my blogging has come to a complete stand still.

Not just a little break… a quick stop over for a breather… or even a week’s holiday from spilling my brains out to the world.

My blog hasn’t been touched for almost, if not longer, than an entire month now.

I’m nearing blogging virginity by the second… this is not healthy territory!!

So I’ve decided to replenish my site and bring some life to my words that I’ve been holding inside for quite sometime now!

There’s a whole bunch of reasons as to why my blogging hit the brake pedal… and if I’m honest most of the reasons came down to my utter laziness!

The more I thought about it, the more I figured my blog was bringing me nothing in return, apart from seeing my little graph jumping up and down as I saw people were actually reading what crap spilled out my mouth!

Asides from this, all I felt I was doing was simply writing a whole heap of words that a small number of people may skim over… it didn’t feel like much rewards for what I was trying my best to do…

Not the best feeling!

So I decided to shy away from writing and simply live without having to think my blog was needing done. I don’t want my blog to take over my life. I don’t want to have to think this is all I can do to make my footprint visable to others in this world.

But then I realised, well no, just because I don’t have masses of viewers on my site checking out the latest in Kerri’s world doesn’t mean I don’t have to do it. Just because I’m not receiving comments telling me my words inspire others doesn’t mean what I do say doesn’t affect people in some way… even if it is to make others laugh or feel angry… it MAY affect someone in some way and that is perfectly fine by me.

So wait up for more words spilling out this mouth….

From everyday happenings during the humdrum 9-5 working week… but with a twist. In other words, I’ll talk the words most people are scared to talk of!

Things that get on my nerves and rant about as you head home from a crappy day in the office, things that have made me smile from ear to ear…

And from time to time I’ve ramble on about my travels and how one day I hope to get back out their on the road again.

I’ll maybe even throw in some of my own tips and advice to what made my trip of ’09-’10 an epic one… although you’ll find most of my rambling when it comes to the travelling side of things over on http://www.BackPackerBanter.com

Catch you soon 🙂


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