State The Obvious!!


We’re all different. It’s a fact. Shapes, sizes, colour, height. One way or another we all vary from the next person to make us who we are.

This is all perfectly normal, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed over.

However, when you have this apparent difference from other people, it’s not such a great thing having it pointed out to you on a daily basis, especially when you’re perfectly aware you are “different”.

I’m not saying my difference is a bad thing; it doesn’t affect me in a way that makes my life tough. I don’t mind it, it’s just the fact that, if anything it does crush my confidence when people treat me like some kind of alien!

So, you’re probably wondering what my “difference” is – and no, I don’t have three heads, nor a tail or elf ears. In fact you’ll think my difference in so insignificant that you’ll wonder what I’m even going on about. But before I tell you, just think, if I get treated like I’m out of this world, imagine how difficult it must be for people who have physical disabilities that affect their lives to the extreme.

My unusual, I-must-oggle-at-you contrast from all the “normal” people who feel the need to point and stare is purely that I stand at 6 feet and 1 inch. Big. F**king. Deal.

Yes, I am taller than the “average” person… but for some reason people feel the need glare at me and grab my attention with the ever popular greeting – “You’re so tall”.


Do you not think I am perfectly aware of this fact?! Do you really think I woke up this morning and didn’t have the foggiest that I had sprouted closer to the clouds?! Did it not cross your mind that I had this pointed out to me by that person over there a mere few minutes ago?!

You know when they say alcohol brings the truth out of people? This is when I tend to get the most attention. I’ll paint you the picture…

A man has his beer goggles on, he see’s a girl who stands slightly taller than he does and he must, must, MUST mention it to his mates, who are also wearing these brilliant beer goggles. They all decide to stare, trying their best to be discreet, even though this girl is perfectly aware that there is a bunch of eyes ready to pounce and mention the inevitable.

This happens almost every time I go out for drinks. Why? I’ll never know. But it’s a pain in the ass to say the least!

Infact, just last night I was out with my girls, and a man found it hilariously entertaining to ask if he could compare his own height to mine. He then continued to laugh along with his mates when they discovered I was taller than himself. How funny boys, you sure know how to make a girl laugh… at herself.

I know people mean the best when they want to point out my height, and often the reactions I get are those of envy or jealousy that they don’t have this height. Which I kind of understand… but when it’s pointed out to me that I am so tall (can I just say – I have seen much taller!) it does’nt really appeal to me as much, because it seems to be all I’m noticed for.

Ok, fair enough, I’m grateful I’m not noticed for a big pair of knockers that I can’t shift, or the aforementioned third head, but my height isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Like we all say day in day out… everybody is different!!!!

If we were all the same; same height, same build, same size etc… how dull would this world be? But then again, just because someone is on the short side, or over weight, or does have an impressive pair of boobs it does’nt mean you can simply stare and remind that person of what they are already perfectly aware of.

I used to hate being tall. People would point it out, just as they do now and my confidence would shrink. Being a teenager is bad enough without folk highlighting something you already lack in confidence with… but somehow I pulled through and if anyone feels the need to state the obvious I simply let it pass by me.

Now all I need to do is create a comeback if anyone utters the words “You’re so tall” again. One that’ll stump that person who thinks they’ve discovered something no one else has. The person who feels the need to make someone look like part of an entertainment show and finds it purely fascinating that there are people out there who are born different.

Feel free to notice… but don’t make it so obvious… Cause after all… we already know it’s bloomin’ obvious.


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  1. I would love to be tall! I am one of those ‘normal’ people. I’m normal height, normal weight, normal hair colour (I did bleach it bright blonde once to be different but it didn’t really work for me!), normal bloody everything. I would love to have something different.
    You should be proud that people will never forget you and (apparently) tall people are more successful and respected! And you never have to wear heals. All my friends are taller than me so I have to wear heals otherwise I look like their little sister tagging along for a night out!

  2. You know.. The one thing I’d love to do, wear heels and not be a giant!!
    Haha I love the style of some heels out in the shops.. Like cute vintage style shoes, but if I wore them I’m sure my bf would run a mile purely cause I’d be so tall! I’m forever wearing flats!
    It’s so strange that tho, most of us want what we can’t have!
    I’m sure there’s something different in you.. Your the envy of us lot cause you are so normal and there’s nothing to worry about!
    I don’t mind being different, just sometimes I wish people wouldn’t point it out cause I already know this fact!! X
    Thanks for the comment by the way… My first one!

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