The List Goes On…


My life is full of lists. I cannot function without one. Literally, I have lists for lists of lists for other lists.

You’d think it would make my life even more tricky trying to remember where I even put the damn list in the first place so I can even do what’s on it! However without these pieces of paper that smother my bedroom, my memory would be near non-existent!

Let me paint you an example of why lists are a must in my life…

Let’s say I was heading to Tesco, I need a few bits and bobs for the week for lunch and dinner etc. Here would be a fine example of when the list would come in handy… cause if I didn’t have this little piece of paper… I would end up with a basket full of stuff that I never had the intention of buying. I would then arrive home realising that the one thing I went in for – that stupid loaf of bread – isn’t in my bloody shopping bag.

So already, lists save on the frustration of my memory being so terribly shit.

Another example of why I need these bad boys – lists – is purely to keep myself organised. Hell, I’ve even written a list for this blog! If you know me well, you’ll know that I like to keep some sense of organisation and plannage about myself. I like be able to tick things off as I go by, just so I know I’ve achieved something that day. Even if it is simply writing a blog about my lists!

My lists got to the extreme of extreme when I was off travelling for the first time. I had a list for; what I needed to pack, what I still needed to buy, what was happening in the final days/weeks running up to the flight date, what documents still needed printing out. God, it was pandemonium. But, in some strange way it kept me sane. I needed these things to make sure I had everything I needed.

And guess what? I didn’t forget a single thing! In fact… that’s a lie. For some odd reason it occurred to me on the flight that I had forgotten to pack my razor. Mmmm fuzzy legs.

On a daily basis though, my lists come in handy for the likes of purely trying to remember shit. As I said before, my memory is as useless as a chocolate fireguard. It just doesn’t work. I’ll remember the most random of things.

Take work for example – I could tell you the barcode numbers for some of the products in my shop. Yes… random (and admittedly very lame). But when it comes to useful things, I don’t remember anything! So, to save confusion and the prospect of sitting and wondering for ages not knowing what it was I needed to do, I simply write it down. Ta da!

So you’re probably thinking I’m uber uptight about being all mapped out. I’m really not. Honest. Well… not anymore that is! Since being with my other half and after going against his go-with-the-flow attitude, I’ve come to realise he’s onto something and perhaps it’s often a great attribute to have. At least sometimes! I still like to keep hold of being organised to a certain extent. But from time to time I simply don’t stress if lists aren’t complete – he’s glad about this!

And if a pen and paper isn’t at hand for those must need moments where my mind is full of ideas and thoughts, and I happen to forget what I just HAD to write down, I’ve simply decided that if I forget it, it couldn’t have been that bloody important. I’ve got enough lists after all!


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