Save Save Save!


I always think the fun of travelling starts even before you get on the plane.

I don’t know if this is just me, but I just LOVE saving money for travelling! It’s possibly the whole idea of the massive treats I’m gonna get at the end. I suppose in some ways it’s like a little girl saving up for the dress she wants for the big dance – for me it’s saving up for the experiences and sights I’ll catch across the world.

It’s such a rewarding feeling every time I put money into my savings account. Even though the end target feels like miles away, each time I transfer the odd pound or two into my savings it acts like a stepping stone towards the big day.

I look forward to each pay day for opposite reasons to those at work… most of which are waiting to get a new outfit for a big night out, or paying off a two week holiday they’ve got planned for this summer, or being able to afford the next round at the pub! Instead, I cannot wait to yank most of it out and throw it into another place for spending sometime next year!

You’d think living on a budget even before going would be more than frustrating. You don’t get to have as much of a social life, cause your saving. You can’t treat yourself to the nice outfit you saw in the shop, cause your saving. You can’t splash out on bits and bobs here and there, cause your saving… cause you know those extra pennies here and there could add up to an extra nights stay in Thailand, Indo, Oz, Fiji… anywhere!

It’s the most rewarding thing you can possibly do while you count down every last second of being at home. Like I say, it’s a stepping stone, a target to aim for through all those lengthy months of waiting and dreaming of what you’re going to see out there.

Whether you get paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it breaks down that mass of so many hundred days to points that you feel you can actually reach. Once you’ve set aside the money for that month, the next target is just around the corner almost… and before you know it – Boom – the big day is here!

And unlike everyone at work as well, I get so excited when the months simply disappear. It’s already May and everyone is asking where the year is going and frustrated that the days are flying by so quickly. But me… well I’m jumping for joy knowing that I’m one month closer to the leaving date!

Even though I haven’t booked a flight or trip yet, I’ve got a target in mind and it’s slowly edging closer by the day. The money is gradually building alongside my excitement for getting on the road again.  I’d pick saving for the trip of a lifetime over anything right now :).

I love it.


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  2. COMPLETELY agree with you here! I have a little money box too and each week I put every coin under £1 in my purse into it and as soon as it’s full I take it to the coinstar… it’s suprising how quickly it adds up!
    It also forces me to be healthier because instead of ordering a pizza I think…that’s £10 for the saving fund! (sad i know!)

    great post!x

    • Yes! The money tin is the way to go! I’m always popping money into my little tin and I dont intend to open it till a month before I go… I cant wait to see how much is in there!
      And don’t worry, your not sad to think it’s an extra £10 for the travel fund when you look at buying stuff… bargains ARE the way to go!! 😀 Thanks doll! x

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