Lucky 13… Right?


It crossed my mind today – on Friday the 13th – including this month I’m currently sitting on that there is 13 months till I plan to go travelling again.

When I say plan, I haven’t actually got any particular date set, or even any flights/trips booked. But May is the month. May 2012 will be my leaving month out of the UK once more, and if you’ve caught any of my other blogs, you’ll have already figured I’m pretty damn excited already!

But anyways… back to the importance of this day. Whilst I was out driving listening to the local radio, I caught the DJ asking if we had anything bad happening to us. With it supposedly being an unlucky day, the odds are meant to be against us… but so far nothing bad had happened to me (I’m only half way through the day though!)

So I thought up a plan for myself. Going against this whole apparent ill-fated day – on the 13th of every month I will buy a £1 scratch card. Yup… that’s my exciting plan!

Like I was saying when it comes to  Saving Money… every time payday comes round it acts like a stepping stone towards the big day when that flight takes off with you in it. Now I’ve got something else that’ll act as another stepping stone for the countdown to seem ever shorter.

You’re possibly wondering why I don’t bother putting in for a line in the lottery… Bigger win right? Well, that did cross my mind, but if I’m honest the whole process of picking out numbers and what those numbers mean and blah blah seemed way too much hassle!

So I’m sticking with a simple few principles; I’ll buy from the local petrol station on the 13th of every month, It’ll always be a £1 card – no more, and if any money is won it goes straight into my piggy banky at home!

If I don’t win anything, then it’s only a mere £1 that was spent. What’s a £1 when it comes to a whole month of saving pennies? And if anything is won then it’s a major bonus to the travel fund!

So you may be wondering if I bought one today? Well yes of course! I bought two… naughty naughty! And it looks like this whole Friday 13th bad luck isn’t quite so true because on both my scratch cards – I was a winner!

Ok… I’ll admit I only won a pound on both – fail – but I’m gonna put those two pounds into my banky as promised! And next time I may be luckier! Who knows, it’s worth a shot and a pound a month wont dent my savings too badly… if anything it may boost it :).

I’ll update you every month along with everything else as my plans and travel countdown goes on and let you know if I’ve been lucky on the scratch card front! Fingers crossed!

13 months, 13 pounds, 13 scratch cards. Let’s see who’s lucky!!


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  1. looking on web to find inspiration for my art and thought of you JUST love the pic for ma and pa….you are fab at elephants and animals girl…i think you should try a hamish. lol xx

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