Fill My Bucket!


A Bucket List – if you’re not already familiar with – is a list of things you desire to do before you die, before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. It’s an ever popular part of many travel blogs I come across, and it begged the question – why do I not have one?!

So, as of today, I have started my very own ‘Bucket List’. Most of my wishes and desires are the typical ones that I’ve seen on fellow travellers Lists. But there’s always an odd one that comes up from nowhere, something you always had an urge to do and to others it needs an explanation!

So here goes… My Bucket List will begin here. I’ll share a few now and as more ideas come to mind I’ll update you all as it grows into the infamous never ending file of dreams… amongst my other mass of lists piled around my room!

1. Watch a movie in a “real” American open air drive-in cinema

It’s something I see so often on your typical American films… These massive screens in parks and open spaces with everyone in their cars, or better still, sitting out the grasses on your own rug cuddled together :).

2. Visit New York City

Speaks for itself really – one of very few cities I’d love to go to.

3. Witness a Rocket Launch

Cause it’s so cool!!

4. Go on an African Safari

If you know me well, you’ll know I love cats… from pet cats to the big beasts on the tv! I want to witness these stunning animals alongside the many creatures of the African land before I pop my clogs.

5. Walk around the base of Uluru

The Outback was a big must on my list of things to do in Oz, and even though I got myself into a mean case of dehydration afterwards, it was well worth every step walking around this wonderful unusual piece of Aboriginal history. 10km of history to be precise.

Tip: Do drink more than 500ml of water during a 10k walk in 35C+ heat…

6. Sleep Under The Stars – (Outback, Australia)

Sleeping in my “swag” (tough outdoors sleeping bag for the Aussies!) in the Outback was where I witnessed the beautiful stars with no light pollution to ruin the sceptical. Here, and Fraser Island holds amazing memories of perfect stars flooding the sky.

Tip: Wait for the moon to set behind the horizon for the stars to fully brighten the sky. Awesome.

7. Do a Hot Air Balloon Ride

I dont mind heights… the slight feeling of vertigo that hits me isn’t so great… but it’s probably the one thing I’d love to do that involves getting up amongst the clouds.

Apart from flying to my next destination of course!

8. Have my Own Stall and Sell My Own Artwork

It’s something I’m working towards. Since coming back from Byron in Australia, and all its arty flare, I’m now fully back into painting and working on creating a collection. And I’m hoping, in order to fund my travels, I can sell my work and feel like I’ve actually achieved something with my talent :).

9. Go To Australia

A huge dream of mine that started almost 3years ago, and the dream I managed to live out for a full 365 days. Lots of things that I didn’t plan, and worried over happened during that year, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world :).

10. Find a Job that I Love Doing

I don’t know many people who really love their job. I certainly don’t – right now – but I’m determined to find a job that I love waking up to. Ok, I admit, sometimes I’m going to wake up hating my job, I’m not expecting it to be amazing everyday! However, I’m still to this day trying to find my niche in life that pushes me to find that awesome job. Fingers crossed :).

Stay tuned for the next batch of Bucket List add-ons. I’ve got plenty more to come… both weird and wonderful!

I can’t wait to live them out :).


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  1. Your bucket list is off to a great start. Nice work! I’m jealous of your trip to Australia, that ones of the places on my list as well.. Feel free to check out my Bucket List blog for more inspiration 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Australia is amazing, I could talk about that place for hours! If you want any chat about the place come my way!
      I’ll most Definately check out your list.. I’ve already got more added for the next update but inspiration will be great! Just makes the list more of a mission!
      But an awesome mission 🙂 x

    • Cheers 🙂
      I’d Definately reccomend making one to anyone but it’s more difficult than it looks!
      I can’t wait to travel again! X

  2. Go diving! You definitely have to add that one to the list Kerri – if for no other reason that it gives you complete perspective on yourself and life; totally ‘zen’ moment. GREAT inspiration for your art too!
    And yes, NYC is totally deserving of being on your list- uh-mazing!

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  4. I actually had my first ever American drive-in movie experience a few weeks ago and can honestly say it was awesome. Just how I had imagined it and so much fun. I also have hot air balloon on my list! 🙂

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    • I could talk about Australia ALL day!! Give me a shout and I’ll happily send some info your way 🙂
      Have you got a rough idea of where you want to go? Are you staying in one place, or heading up the east coast? Are you heading for the Red Centre? That part is a MUST! I loved Uluru 🙂

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