Gale Force Madness


On May 23rd 2010, gale force winds were forecast to hit parts of the UK. Mainly in and around Scotland, covering the entire country and resulting in delayed or cancelled flights, electricity cut off to thousands of homes, and unfortunately the death of a handful of people due to the falling of trees.

You don’t really appreciate the power of a gust of wind, until it’s capable of pulling a tree straight from its roots. And I’m not just talking young trees that are fresh in the soil… I’m talking trees that have stood for years upon years. Years of built up strength into the ground holding this proud mass of nature standing tall. Only for a slight change in weather to take away all those years of growing back to earth as if it had the strength of a match stick.

In the park by my house, where a dozen or so trees stand proud… now in the spaces were 3 stood are massive spaces… it’s as if nothing even existed here. Check out the roll of shots I took in the aftermath…


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  1. That’s so sad =( As you say, you can’t imagine something as simple as wind tearing up trees that have probably been there at least 100 years. Let’s hope the council plant some new ones. p.s. now I’m definitely glad I live in sunny Devon – yikes!

    • It’s been almost a week since it happened and the council havent been yet to even cut them down! I’m really worried some kid is gonna go in the hole of the roots or something stupid!
      Haha you’ll be glad your down there for sure.. I visited a few months back and the weather was stunning! Think it was just luck though?!

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