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As I’m on the waiting list for jumping on a plane out of here (which is yet to be booked) and make any sort of plans for where to head on my RTW… I’ve been building up my very own Bucket List. I’m determined to take this list as I get on said plane and tick things off as I travel :).

I introduced the first batch of my Bucket List last week… You can check it out here “Fill My Bucket!”

And as the weeks progress towards actually getting a flight of some sort booked (which I’ll no doubt tell you all about when I do so!) I will update this list… probably to the point where I’ll never know where to begin and panic that I’ll never get it done… which I’m sure isn’t the intention of these lists!

Anyways… here goes the next load…

11. Travel in A Campervan for a year.

I got to around 5/6 months last time round when I was in Australia. And now the hope is to live in a van whilst in New Zealand (one of the countries on the list for my next RTW). And with the help of being with my other half, we’re both mega excited for van living all over again!

12. Do the Route 66 Trip

It’s infamous. And I want to do it! Maybe in an old skool soft top cruiser too!

13. Skinny Dip (Byron Bay, Australia)

It was something I had never done, and never dreamt of doing. But when the situation came about after many glasses of Goon whilst camper-vanning in Byron, Australia… it just had to happen! After a short mission to the nearby beach, and the lighthouse beaming over us as we ran for the sea, I don’t regret it at all! I did however doubt the idea when we were caught by the owner of the campsite. Oops.

14. Get caught in a Lightning Storm (Byron Bay, Australia)

When I was little I was petrified of thunder and lightning. Now, at the grand age of 23, I love it! Whilst living in the Campervan in Australia – Byron Bay served up a beast of a storm. It was during the night, and at first while the storm was coming over us, I thought the flashes of light were coming from the lighthouse. Duh! Eventually it brewed into a hell of a storm… viewed from a cosy Campervan bed… Can’t wait for another one!

15. Visit the Floating Markets of Vietnam

I saw this recently on tv. Gordon Ramsey – British Chef – has been making his way around South East Asia tasting the local culinary delights. I must admit, some of the food looks pretty horrific and I certainly won’t be trying them out – mainly due to the veggie diet! However, he did visit markets that were literally floating on the river… awesome!

16. Walk over a Glacier

Mother Nature doing what she does best… showing us her beauty.

17. Visit the Thai Island

One of which is famous for a certain film titled “The Beach”. These islands look stunning and I’m desperate to step onto one of them!

18. Go to Glastonbury Festival

It’s one of the Must Do festival surely! I’ve only been to one so far… Rockness Festival (at the banks of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland). And with five days of festival goodness in the fields of Somerset, I can’t wait for this one!

Oh and I’ve got tickets 🙂 Starting on June 22nd this month, which just so happens to be my birthday!

19. Eat at an all American style Diner.

No idea why… maybe for all the endless coffee they seem to serve… with a proper Juke Box in the corner of course!

20. Run For Charity (Aberdeen, Australia)

I’d like to do another one of these… don’t think I could stretch to a marathon… but a few K or so for a charity is something I wouldn’t turn down. I joined the Race Foe Life team last time… did the run with a stinking hangover – not advised.

Stay tuned for the next batch :).


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  1. You’re inspiring me to rewrite mine! And there’s absolutely nothing better than an all American diner for breakfast, maybe a good pairing for after the Glastonbury Festival…nothing cures a hangover like bacon, eggs and cheese!

    • You must do it! I actually LOVE writting mine cause it get me so so excited for getting out there again. It’s made my dreams seem a lot more clear… I love lists!

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