Time Flies…


When June 22nd of this year hits us… I’ll be doing a fair bit of celebrating. First up, it’ll be my 24th birthday… one step closer to the big 25 – eek! Secondly, I’ll be heading for Glastonbury Festival with my other half… who just so happens to live 500miles away! And also it’ll be exactly 250 days since I arrived home from my year out in Australia… yes, I did the calculations!

So, I figured it would be a good time to recollect all the happenings over the last 8 or so months, and see what the next 8 have to offer for this little Scottish girl as I plan to hit the road all over again.

I arrived back home from an amazing year in the land Down Under, and (almost) ready to face being home again. I had initially planned to be in Australia for a lot longer… but with the current exchange rate, and my ever dwindling bank balance, I unfortunately had to head home once my visa had expired.

So, I was now back in Scotland,

With £22 to my name,

A whole heap of IOU’s,

And no job to walk back into…


Luck appeared to be on my side though, I somehow managed to get my old job back. Not the most desirable considering I was so excited to leave the job back in 2009, and couldn’t wait to see the back of it. However, being a traveller – a desperate one at that – I took what I was given. Afterall, I’d be stupid to throw the opportunity away, and at least it was a job that kept my dignity in tact… unlike my job at promoting Cheeky Monkeys in Byron, Oz.

Asides from paying off my debts to the parents and Chris, I also had to squeeze in the time and money to be able to go see the boy himself (seeing as he lives at the opposite end of the UK!). Since we met while travelling, after much deliberation and hard times, we decided to do the long distance thing when got back home before heading off again next year.

I have to admit, travelling as a couple is a walk in the park compared to long distance. It’s made me realise those little things, like getting the morning breathe kiss as you wake up, and a big hug after a shitty day at work means a whole lot more. So when it comes to spending that £100 here and there for a flight to spend time with each other, I know it’ll be worth it.

So with me landing my job and therefore having the money flow back in, it was not long till some real plans had to be made for where to head off to next … and still to this day I am yet to make an informed decision of where to land! I have to admit, up until the last few weeks, the urge to research anything and look up into countries I’d like to go to hasn’t hit me.

Some traveller I am huh? South America is definitely on the list, but only a few weeks ago I couldn’t for the life of me bring up the feeling to get excited to look at where to go in SA. What was wrong with me? I hated it though, I was excited to get away from home all over again, but excited to look at where to go! I’d probably happily go anywhere just to be on the road again if I’m honest!

But thankfully the moment hit me… it was the end of May and somehow the conversation of setting a date and knowing (potentially) where Chris and I wanted to be on our birthdays – very simply to be on a beach! – made it all so real. I suddenly wanted to look in those brochures and find awesome sites to see and be part of.

So the next 8 months will be all about finally putting a pin in those countries for my next trip. Booking numerous flights and trips and letting this excitement ripple inside and build until the big day arrives. I’ll no doubt update as each moment happens and re-live those amazing moments I had before I left for Australia way back in 2009.

I’ll also be pursuing my dream to sell my artwork (one of my many dreams on my ever growing Bucket List) in the next few months. Art, and especially painting is something I’ve picked up since living in Byron and it’s stuck with me ever since and I really hope to achieve something out of it. I update you all and let you know what happens!

I’m so excited for the next 8 months, and creating my Bucket List is helping me along the way too… I seriously advise anyone to create one of their own, cause it’s an awesome way to get you excited for getting out there!

Bring it on.


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