Scratch Card No.2


As I said a whole month ago… on the 13th of every month I will buy a scratch card to see how unlucky this number really is.

13 Scratch cards, on the 13th of every month for 13 months before I head off for my RTW trip next year :).

I started it last month, quite nicely on Friday the 13th of May. And luck would have it, I broke even on my two £1 scratch cards… unlucky my arse!

So yesterday, I stuck by my word (almost forgot with my ever amazing memory nearly failing me!) and picked up a scratch card at the same place I did last month – my local petrol station!

This month, however, they didn’t have the same card I bought last time. The aforementioned memory has failed to remember what this particular card was called, but it certainly wasn’t there so I stuck with another similar one claiming to have £100,000 as the top prize!

Ooh the dreams that came from picturing myself scratching that prize on the card!

However… that “unlucky number 13 proved to be true of my winnings today as I didn’t win a penny!

But look how close!!! Better luck next time…?


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