Glastonbury In The (Muddy) Bucket


After the 5 days spanning over the 22nd to the 26th of June 2011, I can now officially tick off Number 18 on my Bucket List…

Go To Glastonbury Festival!!

My Bucket List is still ever growing, and I find myself discovering new ideas and dreams to achieve and score off this list – a list that really gets me going and builds the excitement to travel and simply Get Out There!!

So, during the month of April, I was very lucky indeed to grab myself a re-sale ticket for the much talked about Festival of the year. I was so excited!!

I had only ever been to one festival in the UK before – Rockness up in the Highlands of Scotland with a crowd of around 30,000. While I was in Australia, I was lucky to grab a ticket for Bluefest Festival just outside Byron Bay. However, both are a far cry from the mass of people who come together for Glastonbury Festival, in the hills of Somerset.

So myself, and 170,000+ festival goers headed for Worthy Farm in Somerset, armed with ponchos (of the water proof variety!), wellie boots, sunscreen, beer and masses of excitement.

I have now discovered, thanks to Glastonbury, that there many different types of mud… the sloppy kind which can result in many slip ups without you being any the wiser (till your flat on your face on the ground), or you have the runny kind that flows by you, and if your one of many who has a hole in the wellie boot, you’ll soon discover this type of mud is not pleasant!

Or you have the much hated sticky kind… You think when the sun comes out to dry the mud it’ll be a great thing? Nope, think again, this is when the mud starts to form the consistency of glue. You’ll be wandering along the field in what looks like a perfectly doable process… only for your wellie to get sucked into this squelchy stuff and not show any sign of wanting to budge. I witnessed many a wellie boot acting like a stubborn little child who wont move till they get that chewy treat.

It was rather hilarious though!

Glastonbury is possibly the most surreal experience in terms of the magnitude of the place. It’s like an entire city in itself. Just when you think you’ve seen all you can possibly see in the Festival , you find out there is more to discover. I left the place realising I didn’t even explore half of it.

I was looking over reviews of acts, and performances and thinking to myself… “Where did this happen?!”.

If enjoying the Festival wasn’t enough to bring you back again and again, knowing there is so much more to explore next time round is enough to make you want to go back and make sure you cover every muddy path, slippery bridge and squelchy field!

I love that I’ve ticked this one off my list, but I think I’ve just created another one to add to the list – “Go To Glastonbury Again!”



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  2. oh my god I culdn’t be more jelous of this… it’s been on my list for AGES, I missed out on tickets this year and now next year is cancelled. 2013 HERE I COME

    Beyonce and Coldplay were amazing… sooo jelous (not of the mud though)

    • It’s only been on my list for a good few years since my bf told me all about it. I thought I liked the idea of smaller festivals (I went to Rockness in the Highlands of Scotland its only got 35,000 people going to it!), and even though the walking made my feet and thighs hurt so bad it was so worth it! There is SO much to see! I want to go back just to explore the other stuff I didnt see! Hopefully I go there when I come back from my travels, I might see you there!

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