My First Sale :)


It’s been a crazy few weeks with my artwork recently.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably caught the odd outburst of what’s been happening… if not – why aren’t you following me?! Haha! I shall update you fully here… fear not 🙂

My auntie, who has been awesome with art all her life, but sadly took the office carrier, has taken up art classes as a hobby and has been (as predicted) amazing at it. It also meant, she now has the insight into local art exhibitions where she lives.

Since gracing the streets of Byron Bay, Australia, and it’s artistic flare rubbing off on me, I’ve taken up drawing and painting ever since. So my auntie was generous enough to take some of my paintings with her, and see if they would sell or create any interest.

A local arts festival was starting at the beginning of this month (July) called ‘The Bike Shed Summer Arts Festival’.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never heard of it! However, I’m now aware that it is a small Festival that holds various arts and crafts classes for all ages, as well as an exhibition of local artists’ work.

After hearing a few of my pieces were put in, I received an email from my auntie informing me… totally out of the blue… that one of my pieces, as well as one of her’s have been used on the advertisement for the Festival! I was SO shocked! Here is the advert… (Mine is the silhouette surfer, my auntie’s is the poppies :).. )

After seeing this, I think I finally felt I had achieved something. I never seem to get that feeling, and I really struggle to gain confidence in my own work… so this was the perfect boost to help me along 🙂

Then I received even more good news a mere few days later. At the opening of the arts exhibition a handful of awards were given out… and I got one! I can’t quite remember the exact title… something along the lines of ‘Best Figurative Piece’ for my silhouette surfer. AWESOME!! My auntie also received an award for her poppy painting too… I think it’s in the family?!

And to top off a whole week of craziness, just the other day I got news that I had sold my very first painting!! Here’s the painting that sold…

(Click for a larger image)

But, me being me, I’m just waiting for something bad to happen. No idea why, that’s just me and my way of thinking… all these great things happening with me, yet something’s niggling me as if bad news is round the corner. Is that just me?!

But for now, I shall enjoy to feeling of FINALLY achieving something out of my creative edge 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on the sell! In todays bad economy, art isn’t the easiest thing to get people to spend their money on. It’s a wonderful painting and caught my eye because I had just posted a watercolor of a big wave on my blog. Way to go and many more sells for you in the future.

    • I just checked out your blog… I LOVE your wave… it’s stunning! Thought it was a photograph till I looked closer. Beautiful 🙂
      And I love the painting of your cat! I love cats, but I find animals hard to do, I’m not great with portraiture and the proportions of facial features, which is why I usually pick out a certain area of the face and go into more detail with it. Only tried a few times but I want to do it more!

  2. Big congratulations! I love stalking your artwork photos. Keep em coming. And start believing in yourself!

  3. Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! Hell yeah girlie =) So well deserved =D It’s been fun listening to your excitement on Twitter lol. So pleased for you! And FYI, no, you’re not the only one that thinks there has to be a bad thing for everything good thing that happens *sigh* haha

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this… I’m just patiently waiting for something really nasty to slap me in the face! I’ll no doubt let you know if it happens! Thanks so much though, I LOVE getting comments, it’s so exciting!

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