The Ever Growing Bucket


I haven’t updated my Bucket List recently, mainly due to forgetfulness and my ultimate laziness in getting my brain going into rustling up more ideas for me to do! (I’ll be honest… I’m just really lazy).

I haven’t been doing nothing though, I’ve been a busy bee in terms of work – yawn – and play – yay! Work is no fun to talk about (hopefully No.10 on my List will come true and I’ll have something exciting to ramble about!). But the play part has been great fun cause I ticked off No.18 on the List… Woop!

But in the mean time, here comes my next batch of Bucket List action… If you have any inspiration for my next lot, feel free to let me know! I’m up for anything… although I’m still umm-ing over putting a Sky Dive in here :S

31. Climb Mount Warning in Byron Bay (When I go back!)

This is something I always said I’d do while I lived in Byron Bay, Australia, but it never happened. The sun touches the peak of Mount Warning before any other part in Australia, a sunrise at the top would be magical :).

32. Eat a “cookie” and not have a panic attack

Haha! Long story behind this… the short version – I ate a “cookie” one day, and even though it tasted like a soft ginger biscuit I thought there was nothing to it… an hour later I was hyperventilating, with a mean case of cotton mouth, feeling dizzy and scared out my wits! Apparently as I lay in bed, I declared that I felt I was laying on a soft fluffy cloud!

Next time I’d like to enjoy it!

33. Say yes to 5 things I would never say yes too and list them (1 DONE – Skinny Dipping)

So far, I’ve ticked off 1 of 5. And this one would have to be when I did Skinny Dipping in Oz. It’s something I always wanted to do, but that element of ‘Oh my god I might get caught’ still passed through my mind!

34. Live with a foreign person to see how they live

This is kind of a weird one, but I’d love to live in the life of a family in a completely different culture. When I was in Morocco for just a week, I would’ve loved to be the fly on the wall watching the family go by with their day and see all that happens. It oddly intrigues me.

35. Meet a famous person (A list)

I don’t just mean see them walking in the street or at a film premier (I saw Jackie Chan at a premier in London!), I mean officially meet them and chat. It’ll never happen, but it’s something random that’d be cool to tell the kids!

36. Fly a plane in First Class

I always fly with budget airlines – clearly – but one day I’d love to be able to sit up front with the 1st class folk and be treated like a little queen!

37. Stay in a 5star hotel

Again, something I will struggle to get, unless I go to the likes of South East Asia or anywhere where the currency is brilliant compared to our pound! I WILL sleep in a heaven like bed, and eat food fit for the stars, and sit in a bath tub big enough for 4 of me!

38. Chase a storm

I love extreme weather – it fascinates me. I certainly get a good amount of it here in Scotland… but it’s usually the icky kind that consists of dull grey skies and lots of those fat plops of water that soak you right through! No, it’s the thunder and lightning storms that get me going. Anything like that and I’m all eyes and ears!

39. Catch a photo of lightning as it strikes

Mission Impossible. I’m bad enough with a camera as it is, but I hope to catch it one day. Watch this space…?!

40. Dance in the pouring rain like it’s nobody’s business

I’ve stood in the pouring rain… and jumped up and down… but I want to really get my groove on, shake my ass and laugh and smile like today is the best day ever.



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