The Nations Hug


It’s the nations favourite. Something you turn to when you’re in need of hug and there’s no one around. It’ll never fail to cheer you up when you’re feeling down and just want to relax. And it takes a matter of minutes to rustle up in perfect timing for your favourite tv show to begin.

I’m talking about Tea :).

Good old fashioned – hug in a mug – cheer me up – Tea.

I don’t know about you, but I just adore tea! Who doesn’t?! You can be watching an upsetting scene on a show and I can guarantee that one person will break the silence with “I’ll go put the kettle on”. And you just know what will follow – that lush cup of English Breakfast. It never fails!


People other than those who live in the UK wonder what our fascination is for tea. I can understand it doesn’t appear overly exciting – but when you live in a more-often-than-not grey rainy country, surrounded by a fair amount of people who like to spend the majority of their day moaning about the aforementioned grey weather or the soaring of this price and that – we just NEED that pick me up… and instead of heading for the bottle – we head for a teabag!

You’ve just had a busy day at work and all you want to do is sit down and relax when you get home, what would perfectly finish that stressful day… apart from a bottle of red?! Tea!!

You’ve just spent the day out shopping but you’re now drenched from that looming cloud that you prayed wouldn’t release itself. But it did. A cuppa is much needed.

You’ve been away on holiday for two sun filled weeks and the dreaded thought of going back to work after doing that mountain load of washing hits you like a slap in the face – get the kettle one now!

Ah tea what did we ever do without you and your toasty sensation as you full up our belly’s!

Now if you don’t mind… I’m gonna put the kettle on, anyone for a cuppa?



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