Two Years Ago…


I can’t quite believe it.

Two years ago to this very day I was climbing upon a plane at around 5pm tonight ready to start my year in Australia.

I had been counting down to this very point for exactly 247 days since I booked the ticket with Air Asia. I couldn’t be more excited! I was nervous, apprehensive, petrified all at once. The counting down seemed to last a lifetime, yet here I was taking those last few steps on the plane that would take me away from home for 366 days.


Two. Whole. Years Ago.

How come it feels like yesterday then? I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last week, yet I could tell you down to the little details what I did on that exact day all the way back in October of 2009. Like buying a pair of thick cosy socks from Monsoon in Stansted airport to save my feet from freezing on the flight… or sitting on the aisle seat and my pocket on the front seat was coming away at the stiching.

Why do I remember those things?!

Fast forward to October 2010, and you’ll find me arriving home… a little tanned (my Scottish skin doesn’t capture the sun as well as others!), sad to say bye to the beautiful country I love, and a very happy mummy of mine!


I can remember the last moments of my flights as it came into land on Scottish soil. Is it just me or does the descent of a flight seem to take forever? As I looked out of my tiny window, I could see the green hills in the distance, and the city forming below me, and it seemed to last forever! As the seconds ticked by, I could feel the tears welling up as I thought of seeing my mum at the airport :).

Yet another moment I’ll never forget, and still, I can’t for the life of me remember what happened last weekend! I kept a travel journal for my entire trip in Aus, I just can’t wait to go through it and reminisce the amazing sunsets and sunrises at Uluru, or the crazy times in the campervan.

I just can’t get my head round the fact that it all started two years ago. That’s a LONG time… yet it really does feel like yesterday.

Boy, is life too short…


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  1. It’s so weird how something can seem not long ago at all, but a million miles away from your life right now, get us back to Australia! x

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