Thank You…


The past few months has proved quite the roller coaster some might say.

From being in a relationship to suddenly turning single.

Sad, to feeling utterly happy.

Negative to amazingly positive.

Weak to realising I’m stronger than ever.

Thats just a little insight to the down’s and up’s (see how I’ve twisted that round, cause I’m no longer down?!) of my emotions and reactions to how my little life has gone.

If anything, the past 2 months since the eventful moment that I was “dumped” has taught me more about myself – and the people around me – than ever before.

It’s made me realise my friends – my true friends – are more important than ever.

The one’s that will stand by my side no matter what other people say. The one’s that will always defend me, cause they know deep down I am the better person. The ones that won’t purposely hurt me just so they can prove a point. The ones that won’t hurt my other friends just cause they can.

Even a friend – who I have never had the chance to meet – yet! – who will talk to me like we’ve known each other for years. Who will listen – or read! – my words, and who I’d do anything for just to make her smile as much as she does for me. (I’d like to add here that despite my hatred for some men – I’m not gay!)

So through the thick and thin of the last 2 months, and the crazy moments that have risen unexpectedly, I’d like to say a huge, massive, gigantic, monstrous, walloping (this is a word – check your dictionary!) thank you to all my true friends and family who have held my hand and seen the light at the end of the tunnel so much sooner than I thought I would.

I couldn’t be happier and more positive about where I am now. And I’ll always be there for you all too.




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