This is a selection of the paintings I’ve done since arriving in Byron Bay.

Since arriving home i’ve continued to pursue my love of art in forms of acrylics and pencil tonal (my two favourite media).
I paint and draw for the love of it, but all my art is for sale, so if you are inspired by any of my pieces and would like to enquire about them, feel free to leave a comment.
I’m always up for creating new pieces, and new challenges to broaden my skills, so let me know if you’d like to have a specific work of art 🙂
Click on them for a larger preview.



“The Pass”


“Day, Sunset, Night” [-Sold-]

“Sunset Spray” [-Sold-]

“Lion” [-Sold-]

“Falls” [Sold]

“Dunes” [Sold]

“Suzuki Bandit 600” [Sold]

“A Swell Wait”

– To Be Named Yet 🙂 –

“Long Day”


“Byron Glow”


“The Wave”


My painting appeared in the advertisement for a local Art Festival in Scotland… Very exciting! Painting featured “A Swell Wait” far right.


“Country Air”




“Walking The Waves”


“Take Cover”




“Miesha Moo”





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  1. get ur stuff on soon so we can all see how ozz is inspiring u. glad ur having good time….will u be taking chris up to bi when home?! lol xxx

  2. these are beautiful 😀 i miss byron and you guys, i hp[e we can get down there before you go 😦

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  4. I think your paintings have got better as times gone on Kerri 🙂 I love Midday and Sunset Spray 🙂 well done hun! You look like you’re having an excellent time…xXx

  5. Beautiful pieces!
    I’m going to have to come to you when I finally get my place set up in Melbourne! (Don’t worry, I can pick-up from Scotland :P)

    Are you still making jewelery? 🙂

    • I only JUST discovered your post Nicole!
      You know, I might just personally deliver a painting if you like, Melbourne was my home for a few months, and I LOVED it! St Kilda was such a cool place, and I raved about the QV Markets all the time!
      I am still making jewellry, not as much as before, but I’m getting back into it. I’m going to update this page with all my latest creations.. I’ve got loads more to add! And I’ll probably squeeze in my jewellery pieces too, although most are just earrings!
      Hope your well!

  6. I love some of your color schames. Landscape pictures are really cool, but the ones addressing me are those deep blue, kind of untutched nature. There are lots of them floating arond, but the really good ones are special.

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