A work in progress… my list consists of my dreams and hopes that I would love to achieve before I this little life is over.

It ranges from countries to visit, jobs to reach for, places to eat, weather to witness and pain to sense.

I think I might need a bigger bucket…

1. Watch a film in a “real” American style open air cinema

2. Visit New York City

3. Witness a Rocket Launch

4. Go on an African Safari

5. Walk Around Uluru (28th November ’09)

6. Sleep under the stars in the Outback (27th-28th November ’09)

7. Do a Hot Air Balloon Ride

8. Have my own stall and sell my Artwork

9. Go to Australia (19th October ’09 – 13th October ’10)

10. Find a job that I love doing

11. Travel in a Campervan for a year

12. Do the Route 66 Trip

13. Skinny Dip (Byron Bay, Australia)

14. Get caught in a lightning storm  (Byron Bay, Australia)

15. Visit the Floating Markets of Vietnam

16. Walk over a Glacier

17. Visit the Thai Islands

18. Go to Glastonbury Festival (22nd June – 26th June 2011)

19. Eat at an all American style diner.

20. Run for Charity (Race Foe Life – 21st June 2006)

21. Get a tattoo

22. Enter into a Wet T-shirt Competition (Byron Bay, Australia)

23. Get citizen-ship in another country

24. Learn some words in the Chinese language

25. Go to New Zealand

26. Learn to Surf (Noosa, Australia)

27. Be able Actually Surf by myself

28. Eat a Devonshire Cream Tea

29. Hold a Koala (Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia)

30. Have a BBQ in the snow (Norway)

31. Climb Mount Warning in Byron Bay (When I go back!)

32. Eat a “cookie” and not have a panic attack

33. Say yes to 5 things I would never say yes too and list them (1 DONE – Skinny Dipping)

34. Live with a foreign person to see how they live

35. Meet a famous person (A list)

36. Fly a plane in First Class

37. Stay in a 5star hotel

38. Chase a storm

39. Catch a photo of lightning as it strikes

40. Dance in the pouring rain like it’s nobody’s business

41. Smother myself in mud at the Sabeto Mud Baths in Fiji.

42. Go to a fashion show catwalk.

43. Win more than £10 in the lottery or a scratch card. (£20 winning scratch card at Xmas)

44. Wine more than £50 in the lottery or scratch card!

45. Go on the Sex And The City tour in New York City.

46. Sell a painting for more than £100.

47. Travel 100% solo… and get out alive.

48. Discover if soul mates truly exist.

49. Get onto the property ladder.

50. Visit Machu Picchu In Peru.

….. Stay tuned for even more to come 🙂

I’m scared but excited all the same!


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    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply to your comments! (Although I did thank you on twitter 🙂 )
      It’s amazing how a Bucket List can push you to do something, dont you think? I’m forever writing lists for everything (mainly cause I’m so forgetful) but a Bucket List has to be my favourite one!

    • You too! Dont you just love making lists of things to do but on a bigger scale?! I love Bucket Lists, it’s the best idea 🙂 Thank you!

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