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Two Years Ago…


I can’t quite believe it.

Two years ago to this very day I was climbing upon a plane at around 5pm tonight ready to start my year in Australia.

I had been counting down to this very point for exactly 247 days since I booked the ticket with Air Asia. I couldn’t be more excited! I was nervous, apprehensive, petrified all at once. The counting down seemed to last a lifetime, yet here I was taking those last few steps on the plane that would take me away from home for 366 days.

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A Thanks To The Boy Who Dumped Me


A thought occurred to me while I was talking about future travel plans with Chris the other day. A thought that never crossed my mind, till I considered all the money I’m saving from my monthly pay cheque towards hitting the road again.

What would I be doing right now if I weren’t planning my RTW?

Out of all the questions that could be asked, this one really stumped me for answers. I couldn’t think what on earth I would be doing if I didn’t have the travel itch. If I wasn’t saving every last pound for my travels, what would I be spending that money on?!

Every month I put aside as much money from my pay as physically possible. My savings account is building and it gets me so excited for what’s to come. All the places I’ll see, faces I’ll pass or meet, and footsteps I’ll leave behind as I work my way around the world. There’s nothing else, at this moment in time, which I would rather be doing.

But what if things were different? I guess I would need to look back to where the Travel Bug first nestled itself in my brain and began my journey – in the summer of 2008. ‘08 was a crazy year for me, crazy in a good and bad way. I’ll give you in the gist;

I was turning 21 – Yay!

I was graduating from 3 years of college – Yay!

I had my final Fashion Show (big stressful event!) – Yay…ish

My boyfriend dumped me – Noo!

And finally I was starting Uni – Yay….?!

Might I just add… all of these bar the latter subject of Uni happened in the month of June. So you could say June 2008 is where it all began. I had just finished 3 amazing years at college and my Aussie boyfriend decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship… and if I’m honest, it was his decision to end things that triggered me to get up and go.

My urge for a Uni degree disappeared and my urge to travel blossomed.

But if he hadn’t of dumped me – would I have stayed with Uni? Well yeah, probably. He told me he loved me, and I loved him. Looking back I remember saying I was more than happy to stay here in my hometown and be with him. Which would mean by now I would’ve just graduated (hopefully!) from Uni and have to think what to do with the rest of my life from here on out!

In which case I’d probably find myself a full time job to pay for some kind of accommodation – overpriced of course – and get by like everybody else, paying bills, complaining about aforementioned bills and the lovely weather we’ve been having and of course not forgetting those little 2 week holidays here and there.

That thought makes me shudder with dread!

Of course, at some point I might actually have to join the brigade of 9-5 jobs and mortgages, but thankfully for now I’ve delayed this nightmare to pursue my dream while the iron is still hot.  It’s all been fate. Fate that I met this boy, fate that he dumped me, fate that I discovered the world of travel and fate that I’m still doing it!!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is – thanks. Thanks to Bob* for dumping me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have done half the shit I had done in the past 3 years and I certainly wouldn’t be planning yet another trip with my curly headed surfer. You did me an awesome favour 🙂

And I certainly wouldn’t of visited my favourite place in the world – Byron Bay 🙂

The Ever Growing Bucket


I haven’t updated my Bucket List recently, mainly due to forgetfulness and my ultimate laziness in getting my brain going into rustling up more ideas for me to do! (I’ll be honest… I’m just really lazy).

I haven’t been doing nothing though, I’ve been a busy bee in terms of work – yawn – and play – yay! Work is no fun to talk about (hopefully No.10 on my List will come true and I’ll have something exciting to ramble about!). But the play part has been great fun cause I ticked off No.18 on the List… Woop!

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Time Flies…


When June 22nd of this year hits us… I’ll be doing a fair bit of celebrating. First up, it’ll be my 24th birthday… one step closer to the big 25 – eek! Secondly, I’ll be heading for Glastonbury Festival with my other half… who just so happens to live 500miles away! And also it’ll be exactly 250 days since I arrived home from my year out in Australia… yes, I did the calculations!

So, I figured it would be a good time to recollect all the happenings over the last 8 or so months, and see what the next 8 have to offer for this little Scottish girl as I plan to hit the road all over again.

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More Fun In My Bucket!


This Bucket List of mine is ever growing and I’ve come to realise it’s probably the most perfect way to push you to do those things you REALLY want to do…

It’s all good to say “I’d love to do this, that and the other”. It’s a whole other matter to have those ideas written on paper, on your laptop, or better still – on your blog for everyone else to see. If you know that list exists somewhere, you’ll want to complete it. If you know others can see what your dreams are, you’ll want to fulfil those dreams and tell your readers how it all happened!

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Keep on Filling…


As I’m on the waiting list for jumping on a plane out of here (which is yet to be booked) and make any sort of plans for where to head on my RTW… I’ve been building up my very own Bucket List. I’m determined to take this list as I get on said plane and tick things off as I travel :).

I introduced the first batch of my Bucket List last week… You can check it out here “Fill My Bucket!”

And as the weeks progress towards actually getting a flight of some sort booked (which I’ll no doubt tell you all about when I do so!) I will update this list… probably to the point where I’ll never know where to begin and panic that I’ll never get it done… which I’m sure isn’t the intention of these lists!

Anyways… here goes the next load…

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Fill My Bucket!


A Bucket List – if you’re not already familiar with – is a list of things you desire to do before you die, before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. It’s an ever popular part of many travel blogs I come across, and it begged the question – why do I not have one?!

So, as of today, I have started my very own ‘Bucket List’. Most of my wishes and desires are the typical ones that I’ve seen on fellow travellers Lists. But there’s always an odd one that comes up from nowhere, something you always had an urge to do and to others it needs an explanation!

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