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Let It Snow!


Well.. as we all know.. the country has been hit by it’s first (I’m imagining first of many) batches of pure wintery weather this week.

There’s that crisp chill in the air, the hills and endless fields are layered by sheets of white and kids are scurrying around with big smiles on their faces!

Winter is finally here!! And you know what… I fucking love it.

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The Final Week : 6 Days To Go…


Today I have my 6th memory of Byron to share with you guys .

Each day for my final week in Byron Bay, before I head up to East Coast, I’m thinking of all the random stuff I’ve been up to during my days (and nights!) in this beautiful town…

Skinny Dipping was the thought of the day yesterday… today unfortunately the topic of conversation is still on the subject of nudity!!

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The Final Week : 7 Days To Go…


Well the day has finally arrived…

I now have 7 whole days, one measly week left living in Byron Bay. The place that has been my home over the past 6 months or so.

So, I’m thinking, for each day up until I leave, I’m gonna look back on all the stuff I’ve got up to in this beautiful town and reminisce 🙂

7 days… 7 memories… 1 awesome adventure.

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