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Brisbane Continued…


Journal Entry

12/11 – ‘Cuddling a koala today was amazing!!! We grabbed the bus into the suburbs driving past loads of lovely looking houses, even a shop called the “Cheescake Shop” Yum!! We reached the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary after about an hour of driving, and we headed in ready to see some wee bears! I love koalas!! Got some awesome photos of these babies!! We first saw some crazy huge bats and lizards roaming around our feet. The best part was seeing the koalas though. They were gorgeous :). Took my mind off homesickness, just as I needed it! We paid $16 to get our photos taken when we held the koalas, they were surprisingly heavy!

Also you could smell the eucalyptus leaves off them… such an odd smell, but who cares! They were so amazing. Something I’ll never forget doing :). We then bought a wee bag of kanga food, and headed off to see them. As it was such a hot day, the roo’s were lounging around under the trees, and we actually got to lounge around with them!! They were so adorable! Feeding them felt like feeding Misty… just an odd looking Misty! It was definitely worth the money to come out here. So so chuffed with today, just what I needed to lift my spirits!”

Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Brisbane – Otherwise known as the spontaneous city I flew to in Australia in the first couple of months in my travels… when I didn’t have a clue where to go and what to do! Turned out, it wasn’t such a nice experience here, because I ended up being homesick for the entire week of visiting the city!! Not a nice feeling at all! :(.

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