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Bucket Fillers


Carrying on from my last batch of Bucket List fillers, I’ve returned to squeezing in more :). Today’s batch is a mixture of travel, but mostly what I want to get from my little life in terms of the inevitable “growing up” if you will. Some might think it’s a little dull… but thats why it’s my Bucket List – not yours!

If you have any more suggestions to add to this ever growing Bucket, feel free to add your ideas :).

41. Smother myself in mud at the Sabeto Mud Baths in Fiji.

My mate posted photos on Facebook on this place and it looked amazing and SO much fun!

42. Go to a fashion show catwalk.

Not like one I went to at college… surprisingly I studied Fashion at college – you’d never guess! But a real top designer catwalk would be amazing to be part of!

43. Win more than £10 in the lottery or a scratch card.

I was given a scratch card as part of a Christmas present (brilliant idea might I add!) and won 20 smakaroonies!

44. Wine more than £50 in the lottery or scratch card.

Well I managed no.43… I can only hope!

45. Go on the Sex And The City tour in New York City.

If you know me at all, you will know that I love SATC. I want to be one of those geeks on the bus… oh yes… and stopping off at Magnolia Bakery just so I can have one of those cupcakes like Carrie and Miranda. Yup… I’m that geek!

46. Sell a painting for more than £100

One day… perhaps. The most I have made from a painting has been £30 so far… Here’s hoping!

47. Travel 100% solo… and get out alive.

I’m currently planning it… Perhaps someone will join me along the way, but for now it’s solo all the way :). I’m a little scared I’ll admit!

48. Discover if soul mates truly exist.

If they do… perhaps I’ll find mine. I’ll keep you noted if such a thing crops up in my life :).

49. Get onto the property ladder.

Yes, a little boring you might say, but I would love to own my own place one day. Whether that’s by myself or with my future other half, who knows?! Plus I love decorating and interior design of all kinds, and doing that with my own place would be amazing :).

50. Visit Machu Picchu In Peru.

I’ve researched into South America quite a lot, and this place takes my breath away… and I haven’t even got there! I know it’ll happen one day :).


The Ever Growing Bucket


I haven’t updated my Bucket List recently, mainly due to forgetfulness and my ultimate laziness in getting my brain going into rustling up more ideas for me to do! (I’ll be honest… I’m just really lazy).

I haven’t been doing nothing though, I’ve been a busy bee in terms of work – yawn – and play – yay! Work is no fun to talk about (hopefully No.10 on my List will come true and I’ll have something exciting to ramble about!). But the play part has been great fun cause I ticked off No.18 on the List… Woop!

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Glastonbury In The (Muddy) Bucket


After the 5 days spanning over the 22nd to the 26th of June 2011, I can now officially tick off Number 18 on my Bucket List…

Go To Glastonbury Festival!!

My Bucket List is still ever growing, and I find myself discovering new ideas and dreams to achieve and score off this list – a list that really gets me going and builds the excitement to travel and simply Get Out There!!

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Time Flies…


When June 22nd of this year hits us… I’ll be doing a fair bit of celebrating. First up, it’ll be my 24th birthday… one step closer to the big 25 – eek! Secondly, I’ll be heading for Glastonbury Festival with my other half… who just so happens to live 500miles away! And also it’ll be exactly 250 days since I arrived home from my year out in Australia… yes, I did the calculations!

So, I figured it would be a good time to recollect all the happenings over the last 8 or so months, and see what the next 8 have to offer for this little Scottish girl as I plan to hit the road all over again.

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More Fun In My Bucket!


This Bucket List of mine is ever growing and I’ve come to realise it’s probably the most perfect way to push you to do those things you REALLY want to do…

It’s all good to say “I’d love to do this, that and the other”. It’s a whole other matter to have those ideas written on paper, on your laptop, or better still – on your blog for everyone else to see. If you know that list exists somewhere, you’ll want to complete it. If you know others can see what your dreams are, you’ll want to fulfil those dreams and tell your readers how it all happened!

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Keep on Filling…


As I’m on the waiting list for jumping on a plane out of here (which is yet to be booked) and make any sort of plans for where to head on my RTW… I’ve been building up my very own Bucket List. I’m determined to take this list as I get on said plane and tick things off as I travel :).

I introduced the first batch of my Bucket List last week… You can check it out here “Fill My Bucket!”

And as the weeks progress towards actually getting a flight of some sort booked (which I’ll no doubt tell you all about when I do so!) I will update this list… probably to the point where I’ll never know where to begin and panic that I’ll never get it done… which I’m sure isn’t the intention of these lists!

Anyways… here goes the next load…

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Fill My Bucket!


A Bucket List – if you’re not already familiar with – is a list of things you desire to do before you die, before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. It’s an ever popular part of many travel blogs I come across, and it begged the question – why do I not have one?!

So, as of today, I have started my very own ‘Bucket List’. Most of my wishes and desires are the typical ones that I’ve seen on fellow travellers Lists. But there’s always an odd one that comes up from nowhere, something you always had an urge to do and to others it needs an explanation!

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